Beretta Gore-Tex Sweater - High End Hunting Clothes

Yeah, some sure enough high end hunting/outdoor clothes here… wow. Here is a video talking about all the features and more importantly how to clean and care for this freaking insane expensive gear. Do you own any high dollar hunting or outdoor clothing like this? This sweater is absolutley amazing but certainly not within the budget of a poor boy like me. LOL


Good review!
Wonder where it’s made?
Nice but @ $200 ?
I’m out.


Lol…I get most of my clothes from Goodwill (not joking) if I find one there I’ll pick it up


yeah, 100% not a bad idea. you would be surprised at the specialty type clothing that you can find there. once upon a time, i was really into garage sales, yard sales, estate auctions, second hand stores and selling those great finds form those places on eBay, in fact, that is what sorta supported the early days of my IT business. i have found Tommy Hilfiger (spelling) suits for like $10 that i then sold on ebay for $100+. people who can afford the high end stuff, then get fat, lose weight or maybe drop the hobby depending on what it is needed for don’t think about resale, they just donate and take the write off.


good question that i honestly never thought about… just looked at the tag and it says Italy/Vietnam… so not sure exactly what that means. probably that some of the materials are manufactured in one place and assembly done in the other, that is usually the case. i will try to remember to follow up with Beretta and find out. I know that Tru-Spec stuff is all American textiles but then assembled in Honduras. And $200? yeah on sale maybe! here is the deal with the cost… i would have NEVER even considered spending that myself either, but after wearing it, wow, it is pretty awesome. i ain’t gonna lie, probably have to be a christmas present or anniversary or birthday or something and on sale at the same time. the hunting world though is weird, i know guys that are poor as me but will drop big money on their gear and then there are those who have enough income they don’t pay any attention to price anyway, so there is a market out there. but that is also why i made sure to cover the proper way to care for this thing, if a poor boys does buy one or get one as a gift, etc, i would not want them to screw it up by just throwing it in the washing machine with their dirty work pants or whatever, that would suck.