Berger Bullets Confusion?

I have a question on berger bullets and because we dont have a handloading category, I put it here. I shoot .224 82 bergers. They are usually out of stock, so I save my pennies and wait for the backorder to fill. Today I had to switch boxes and noticed that the boxes were different. 3 Different types. Same part number. Shipped by midwayusa. Not that big of a deal… but on one of the boxes, the BC is different.

Anyone know If berger sorts their bullet lots and each lot has a slightly differnt BC? 2 of the boxes labeled long range BT target have a different BC. The 3rd box is called BT target not “long range”

One is for a different twist rate- 1 in 8”. The other two are for 1:7”. All three are different. Odd.

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They may have updated the BC figures, some companies like to exaggerate BC numbers…

Ether a typo, or and this is a shot in the dark ( pun intended) check the boat tail geometry, see if they are all the same angle. That’s all I can think of.

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@switchpod I will check this thanks!

@rjburk Since they are the ones always talking about the importance of A G7 bc over a G1 (g1 being a higher # so companies like to use this for marketing) I am leaning more towards them possibly updating it. I might email them to see if any light can be shed on this issue.

Maybe whoever picked them off the shelf and sent them to you didn’t know or notice the differences between them.