Best .22LR Semiautos or Revolvers


I am looking to buy two .22LR handguns. Want one for concealed carry and one for target shooting, plinking, and hunting. What would you suggest and why? Thank you.


I would get a S&W revolver for CC and get a Ruger 22/45 or S&W Victory for all the rest…Revolvers will always be more reliable in 22 and semi’s are just fun to burn ammo…


Beretta tomcat. They are small enough to put in your front pocket. They have a long heavy trigger. They are still cheap. Most people don’t like them or care about them.


Can’t go wrong with the Ruger mark 3 or 4 .


Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your feedback and advice.


Make sure you get a mini revolver chambered in .22 WMR. If you’re going to use it as a CCW you’ll want that extra punch from the .22 mag over the .22LR. Some have interchangeable cylinders for .22LR and .22 WMR.

.22 mag is a hoot to shoot.


Thanks, Mister_Torgue.

I have been thinking about getting one of the NAA mini revolvers (such as the sidewinder), in .22 mag. They have one with a 2.5 inch barrel - most likely get, and one with a 4 inch barrel (may get).

Yeah, I am a big .22 mag fan, so will include .22 mag in my .22 handgun collection, for sure.


That’s gonna be some fun.





Beretta 87 one sweet .22


Thanks, Jraz. It looks like they don’t make them anymore (just visited their website). I remember them, though, and am sure you are right.

Have thought about their model 92 in .22 LR. Still thinking…


friend of mine just got a sidewinder… he is not happy. cylinder is to small to operate with. prefers versions with simple removable one. I’m looking NAA revolver for myself. Pug or Black Widow (or both) in 22M/22LR. for just plinking , any pistol will be fun to shoot. Latest Rugers Mk4, Brownings etc. Some brands offer conversion kit for 22LR. I have it for Sig P226… works excellent.


My mark III has been flawless and accurate, eats anything.


thanks, sergetoll.

I am also thinking about the other models from NAA.

A friend of mine had a conversion kit. For what he spent, could have (almost) bought another gun.

Somehow, I just not interested in conversion kits (though I do like convertible revolvers).


22LR is good for practice, 22Mag is better for carry



yeah, fairly big difference in the foot pounds of energy.

NAA makes .22 mag all the way out to 6 inch barrels. Not sure about the Hornady 45 grain .22 mag, but most .22 mag ammo is really (from what I have seen) for rifles. So, even with the extra energy, the bullet performance is not so good.



What is the difference in velocity between the 22 lr and the magnum in short pistol and revolver barrels?
Enough to matter?



check out BBTI (Ballistics By The Inch).



thanks for the video. Paul Harrell is good.