Best .22LR Semiautos or Revolvers


Honestly, I wouldn’t bother with a concealed carry .22 LR.

My favorites are a Ciener .22LR conversion for my Colt Officers .45 ACP (4" Bbl - I love this but THE ADMIRAL stole it because she loves it better) and a Ruger .22 LR/.22 Mag convertible Super Six in 6-1/2" barrel.


Thanks for your feedback, Stumpkiller.

I am probably going to follow the advice I got (above) to use .22lr for plinking, target shooting, etc., and use .22mag for ccw/defense.


Paul Harrell is the best! Was going to post that video myself but someone beat me to it.



Not to worry. Glad to hear you know and like Paul Harrell, too.


Truth be told he is my favorite YT channel. I wish he put out more content. I also wish I could meet him in person, maybe go to the range and learn some stuff from him.


Can’t go wrong with a Ruger Mk (anything). I’ve heard Walther P22’s have improved and are pretty great, but it’s anecdotal at best. Glad to see some more love for Paul Harrell as well.



Another good gun guy is Hickok45. He lives in Tennessee and is associated with Buds Gun Shop. You might run into him if you visit one of the Buds Gun Shop stores - as he does occasionally visit them. I visited the one in Sevierville, TN, but did not see him there (well, he does not live in the store, so pot luck). Nice store, by the way.

He has a lot of videos he has put out, but they seem to be spread out in different places. Some on Full30, some on YouTube. I always enjoy them and try to listen to at least one of them everyday.

I think Paul Harrell is somewhere in the northwest United States - Oregon or Washington, I believe.


Thanks, USMCMahon. For the Ruger Mark I, II, and III, the disassembly and reassembly sound a bit too challenging for me. The Mark IV, however, looks to be fine. They did have a recall on the new Mark IV’s, so I am not in any hurry to buy one of them as a result.

I have heard (some of?) the Walther .22 lr semiautos are/have been finicky about which ammo they will feed properly. This is in contrast to the Rugers wherein they are reportedly less picky about which ammo you feed them.

Cost is also a big factor for me on these purchases. I am really hoping to keep the cost down as one of the main points of buying .22 lr or .22 mag guns is to have fun without spending a lot. The cheap ammo helps, but if the gun costs over $500 USD, then am I really saving money?


I believe Mr. Harrell is indeed in Oregon, northern part somewhere me thinks.

Not a fan of hickok45’s content much anymore. Appreciate his contribution to the cause but I’m not really interested in watching his videos unless I want specific information about a specific model.


I carry a NAA .22 short on me every day. The buckle will hold the .22lr as well. NAA also makes a .22 magnum. These are great little guns, easy to conceal. It was half the price of my Glock 26, and I carry it more.


This makes me really want to get two of those NAAs in .22 mag now for me and the wife…


They do have a bit of a snap. Even my .22 short is a hand full. Well, 2 fingers full.


I’m sure it’s still a hoot though!


Trust me, it is. I’m surprised how many people ask to shoot it. Almost as many as say that’s cool, would be even cooler if it was a real gun. Ahh, it is a real gun.



Just curious, why you are not much of a fan of Hickok45 anymore?

Granted, he seems to be able to shoot any gun well, so how to distinguish the good guns from the bad? He rarely has much of anything bad to say about a gun, although occasionally, he does. Also, his videos do run longer than most.

Regarding Paul Harrell being in Oregon - yes, I am pretty sure you are right. Thanks.



Concealable - sure. But a manstopper?

I wonder if those .22 shorts are even considered lethal. I heard that to be considered lethal, you need 59 ft. lbs. of energy as a minimum. I doubt those things produce that much per bullet, even at the muzzle. Of course, shot placement is key, but would you really get that optimal shot placement with those?

I think the point earlier about using .22 lr for plinking, practice , etc (fun!), and .22 mag for defense (best between the 2 calibers for defense), makes the most sense for me, but best of luck to you.


I have a ruger mark 2 and love it. Very accurate with cheap thunderbolt of all things. Now I generally dislike ruger, but their mark series pistols are excellent. A massive pain to clean … BUT you don’t need to clean often at all. Mine starts having small issues after about 3k (mostly with the magazine not locking in place). I have shot a mark 3 and 4. Accuracy with all 3 was similar, but the 3 and 4 where definitely more comfortable in the hand. I have talked to many people who use the them competitively with great success.



Thanks. A friend of mine has the Mark III and loves it. He let me shoot it - too heavy for my liking.

I think my best bet will be to stay in the 16 to 32 ounce range for the weight of the gun. Any other suggestions?


@JohnB Honestly? Not really. :laughing: I do not hunt, therefore I can only attest to the fact that the Mark series are superb target pistols… actually tho, they make a “lite” version coming in at 25oz. I have held it in a gun shop, but not fired one yet. Maybe someone here has. Might be worth a look if the 44oz of the mark hunter is too heavy.


Thanks, Robert. I am thinking about the Walther PPK in .22 lr.

Bersa’s seem to be hit and miss on quality.

I have the PPK in .380 acp. It works great as long as you don’t use truncated cone (aka - FMJ FP) bullets.