Best camping/hunting areas on the east coast?


Greetings everyone,

I’m new to the gun world. I’m a city slicker from Philadelphia, P.A. and about 2 years ago I’ve gotten into the gun life because I was doing something I thought was completely out of my element. The best way to sum this up is IM FREAKING HOOKED! I love gun so damn much now! I go everywhere with my CCW. I’ve spent almost half of my extra money (after bills and responsibility’s are taken care of) on things, gadgets and things like that retain to firearms and survival. Today I purchased a hunting rifle for a hog hunting trip I plan to take in April down at Hog Wild Adventures in Texas. But It’s also come to my attention that I want to do a 2 week long camping trip while also hunting and fishing for some of my food. These 2 experiences I have never even thought about doing up until recently. So I’m trying to find a nice spot on the east coast (Maybe mid west) where I can do this with a group of friends of about 6 individuals.

Is there anyone on this forum that can really recommend me a few places to look? Thank you!


You can get some pretty good hunting done in Northern Michigan around October/November if you don’t mind being a little cold. :wink:


I’ve hunted in Michigan before. Rabbit hunting only with my Ruger 10/22. It was hardddd lol. Because these rabbits were a good 20-25 yards but the location was in some sort of rolling hills. Between these 2 big hills there was a small valley where a lot of rabbits lived. Their holes were like little mounds and there had to be at least 50 mounds. So they would come out, peak for maybe 1 second at most, and then dart to the mound/hole they intended to run to. So within a span of 2-3 seconds you’d have raise your weapon, acquire your target, adjust and then take the shot. This type of hunting is best suited for a shot gun. My father told me to bring a shot gun but I ended up bringing my trusty 22lr. Made for VERY GOOD practice though lol.


I’m in NC, the foothills area, A lot of private land around here and very hard to get permission to hunt it, but the good news is there are pretty good public game lands across the state.



The State of New Hampshire has some of the best hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and all other outdoor recreation areas in America. Live Free Or Die…


Ex Califoria boy here now living in the Pittsburgh. Tried hunting this year for whitetail locally on public land in Western PA. That was interesting seeing as how PA has more hunters than any other state. It was like Disneyland the 1st week of summer! Except there were blaze orange hats instead of mouse ears everywhere. This year is for scouting and exploring.