Best handgun for deep concealment?


Been thinking lately about getting a gun that conceals easier. But the drawback is you don’t have the same fire power and the smaller guns are harder to be accurate with. My EDC is a Springfield EMP. So what gun would you recommend for deep concealment?


Auto loader or revolver or anything with good ballistics in a small package?


Glock 26(takes full sized 9mm mags too, same as what g19 and g17 use) ,Glock 42 , or S&W shield. I used to carry a g19 all the time and prefer all or most my pistols to be this size but im also the right size( about 6’ 220lbs) to conceal pistols that size.


I’m 5’3”, so even the compact is difficult.
Anybody have any experience with the Kahr P380? From what limited reading I’ve done, it’s seems to fit the bill. It’s picky about ammo though. But from my reading most small guns are.


Was gonna recommend a Walther PK380 but that might be too big if you’re considering a Kahr P380.

Have you watched this video? Might give some insight on some of these pocket 380 auto loaders.


Have you looked at the Glock 42? Its single stack so its pretty thin and I think it has a 3.5" barrel or shorter. I like every Kahr ive ever shot but I havnt handled one of their .380s. They make quality stuff and are very underated as a company ,imo.



North American Arms 22 Long MS Revolver

Not that I would recommend it but, I carried one of these in my pocket for a number of years.


@EQuinn, I don’t know how you feel about a revolver, take a look at the Ruger LCR series plenty of caliber selection to choose from.


@EQuinn The Ruger LCR is what my wife carries. She loves it. It can fit just about anywhere.


@ThisOldGun, what caliber did your wife select, I love the trigger on the LCR I have two of them myself.


She carries .38 Special +P in hers. I like it a lot, enough to where I may get one too.


@ThisOldGun, they really are a great revolver lightweight / small and a fantastic trigger.


I like these NAA tiny wheelguns, I’ll get one at some point. And as Paul Harrell says, never under estimate a .22 magnum.


Honestly, I liked the gun quite a bit. Very easy to conceal in the palm of my hand or anywhere for that matter. It’s loud and yes, the magnum packs a bunch!

I traded it for a Beretta 40 .22 years ago. That too was a great little gun!



Forgive my inexperience here, but which has more stopping power? A .22 magnum or .380?


.380 would be the one that has the most stopping power.

My wife carries often her Ruger LCP .380

It’s a small 5.16" long, 1+6 round auto that she can shoot fairly well. It’s not her favorite, but she does carry it on certain occasions.


I was looking at a Browning 1911 Black Label in .380 for the wife - not totally sure if that is small enough for “deep” carry
rn 1911 Sub Cmpt 380acp 3.6"
Browning black Label 1911-380 - State Regulated - .380
locked Breech Action
combines Two Of John M. Browning’s Original Inventions - The Model 1911 Handgun & The .380 Acp Cartridge
scaled Down To 85% Of The Size Of The Original
engineering Grade Composite Frame
composite Grips
machined Steel Slide W/matte Black Finish
rust-resistant Barrel
target Crown
single Action Trigger
fixed Combat Sights
extended Ambidextrous Manual Thumb Safety
extended Slide Release
beavertail Grip Safety
skeletonized Hammer
flat Mainspring Housing
steel Magazine Body
capacity: 8
barrel Length: 3-5/8"
oal: 6-7/8


That’s a great question. Think of a .380 ACP it as a baby 9mm. It’s a 9x17 cartridge, which by comparison a Makarov is 9x18 and of course the Luger is 9x19. A .380 I non +P has about ~200ft.lbs of energy.

But a .22 WMR surprisingly has ~300ft.lbs of energy, from a rifle barrel.

Since the .380 has a heavier bullet (double or more) it may be more effective against a two legged animal despite maybe slightly less energy. But these are just numbers, take a look at Paul Harrell’s channel for both .380 ACP and .22 WMR (magnum) meat target test results.

I have personal experience shooting .22 WMR and it’s an awesome little cartridge. But for self defense shot placement is going to be pretty important.


For deep concealment, you may want to consider the Ruger LCP II with the factory-made 7 shot mag.

The gun with empty mag only weighs around 11 ounces and is small enough to fit into a shirt front pocket.

And surprisingly, it is relatively easy to shoot reasonably well at self defense distances (7 yards or less, but especially for 5 yards or less for the LCP II).

I have this gun and can shoot it as well as my Sig P238 HD (at 18 ounces !).


I looked at the LCP II, too. It’s on my short list. Seems more ammo friendly.