Best handgun for deep concealment?


So what is .380 +P? Is that for particular guns or can you use it in any .380.

Sorry if this is a stupid question.


+P is a higher pressure round, aka more energy.

You need to check which pistol is rated for +P before using those rounds. And it isn’t a dumb question!



As Mister_Torgue stated make sure the firearm is rated for + P ammunition.



I have never had a jam on my LCP. So, yeah, it is pretty ammo friendly.


@JohnB, What do you use?



What ammo? I use only factory ammo, no reloads. Regarding the kinds:

For range ammo, I select from the following and probably have shot some of each:
Winchester white box
Remington green and white box
Sellier & Bellot
American Eagle

I don’t recall which defense ammo I have shot thru it (has been only a few rounds - probably Hornady).


My wife only shoots +P in her LCR and she’s crazy accurate, but not with .38 SPL. Darndest thing. It’s not unpleasant to fire at all. She’s still relatively new to shooting and the LCR just fits like a glove and runs, and runs, and runs. Just my two cents.

Edit: I carry a Shield in .40 and I’m thinking of swapping to an LCR if that tells you anything about how impressed I am with it.


A Shield is about as small as I can go. Anything smaller gets lost in my mitts.
My daughter loves her LCP and she’s a tiny thing.
It’s all relative to the size of the carrier


I have the LCR (.357 mag) and like it a lot. I have tried shooting magnums out of it - no thanks! I have tried shooting .38 +P’s out of it - ok, but as yet, I can’t shoot them accurately. So, I pretty much stick with .38 (non +P) specials.

It is a great little gun, conceals well. But, it is limited to 5 shots.

For the barrel length, it gets good ballistics.
If you are carrying 2 or more weapons, LCR would work out fine.


S&W Shield 45 Acp goodness