Best hunting ground blind recommendations


Recent storms caused some falling trees to totally obliterate my ground blind! was wondering what you guys who use them use and would recommend. I’m 6’4" tall. I was preferring something tall enough to stand in like I had with the Primos Clubhouse XXL blind. But I’m open to suggestions of any kind that would be a very useful Hunter friendly blind with Windows and whatever other features. Even though I leave it out, it needs to be a pop up-or hub style / portable type set up.


I can completely stand up inside. Easy to carry in the field too! They’re awesome! :sunglasses:


thanks, I will definitely check that one out


Can you see out of the windows with a standard height chair or do you have to have an extra high chair?


Standard size chair works perfectly. I use one of my shop wood stools cause I’m a half pint :laughing:

Big enough to have two large guys in it and there’s windows all the way around, top & bottom. Velcro attached screens that you can shoot through and zipper solid canvas window covers w/ corner strings to tie them up out of the way.

Extremely easy to setup, takes like 2 minutes. Takes longer to put natural cover around it and clear shooting lanes more than anything else.

Good luck. I hope you get yourself one soon!


I put it in my shopping cart on my Amazon account. The price looks pretty damn good and I know that company makes good blinds.



Instead of buying out of my bank account, I buy an Amazon gift card at the local grocery store which gives me $0.20 off per gallon of gas for every $50 I spend so this got me $0.80 off a gallon up to 30 gallons. doesn’t cost me a dime extra lol it’s a good way to do it


Btw, my younger brother’s name is Russell too.

I’m Denny.

It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance! :+1:


Pleasure to meet you sir