Best NV Goggles under $800


I’ve been looking for a good pair of NV 1x Level 1-1+ Binos for a while. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on the best quality NVG under $800. I’ve looked at Pulsar Edge Gs Super and the Yukon 1x24 Level 1 NVG


I can only give my experience with NV. Gen 1 is really bad, no matter what anyone says. If you have an IR light, it helps a lot, but still, it’s bad. US Gen 2 is leaps and bounds ahead of it, like night and day.
Keep an eye on Ebay for used Gen 2 and you won’t be disappointed. I now have Gen 3, and the difference between that and Gen 2 is about the same as Gen 1 stuff against Gen 2.


I’m with OldJarHead on this one. I have VERY little experience with NV gear, and have never used it in a martial capacity, but the difference between Gen I and Gen II is enormous. I think asking for suggestions on “good” Gen I NV gear is like asking where the “good” tap water is in San Luis Potisi, Mexico.


Ok, thanks guys. I was just looking around to see what info I could gather. If I could find some good Gen II NVG at a bargain price I’d love it, but I’m just looking at this point. I know the best NV is Gen III, used by the US Federal Gov’t and certain Military units, or even digital thermal, but that’s far too rich for my blood. Anyways, thanks a lot guys!


If you plan to use the nv for shooting purposes at all you will want something that is autogated. Save your money and get the gen 3