Best out of the box long range bolt action for under $1k?


I want to start doing some PRS matches. I have a Savage 11 Hog Hunter that I am selling and once it is sold I’d like to upgrade to something with a detachable box magazine so I can do some PRS matches. I was considering the Savage 10 FCP-SR but I have a lot of friends telling me to wait and get the Tikka T3x CTR, which is double the cost of the savage and I am a baller on a budget.

Any opinions or thoughts? It would take me several more months to save up for a Tikka.

Also, how easy is it to get 6.5CM projectiles and brass vs 308?

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The Tikka is worth it. I’ve been through many 700s, and they’re great, but when I pick up a Tikka it seems in every way an improvement.

Mine shoots under 1/2 MOA from the factory with FGMM 175 grain SMKs. Bolt is smoother, has a shorter throw rotation, the stock won’t touch the barrel (unlike Hogue stocked 700s), the gun is lighter, and the trigger is excellent. Just for kicks, I’ve adjusted mine all the way down and it’ll go to around 1.5 pounds. I’ve got a Criterion barrel on the way to convert to 6.5 Creedmoor along with a KRG XRay in Sako Green.

So, that’d be my choice if I had to do it all over again.


Thank you for your reply. It’s hard for me to justify the Tikka since I haven’t done a ton of long range shooting and it is double the price which will put me back several months to get it… but it seems that everyone finds the wait worth it.


Howa, if you can find it…


Howa makes good rifles. You could buy a barreled action from Brownell’s, drop it in a stock, be good to go.

Any Savage will work for you. I hate the bolt feel on a Savage rifle, but they are accurate rifles. You could probably use your Model 11 just fine depending on caliber and barrel length.

@ArmatisReviews I forgot to mention, my Tikka T3 Lite 22" 308 came with a Fullfield II 3-9x40 scope for $500 total. Found it on clearance at Field & Stream. The Lite will work great for you until you want heavier contour than that, then you can pay to get it rebarrelled or rebarrel it yourself using a prefit. I’m definitely biased, but I think Tikka is the best value in bolt actions.


The problem is that it doesn’t have a DBM, so it’s almost useless for PRS matches. Otherwise I would use it… And any stock or chassis that allows me to use DBM (that I’ve found) costs more than the rifle.

I will likely go with a Tikka, it will probably just take me a long time to save up for it. I was hoping to be ready to do some PRS matches this year and it probably won’t happen now. Oh well.


That’s where a stock and bottom metal come in.


Yeah but the only ones I have found that would work for my gun costs more than the rifle did… So at that point I’d rather just upgrade to a completely new rifle. If you know of any that work for my gun that doesn’t cost a fortune, please let me know.


Ive always been a fan of the remington 700 series.
In a few weeks we will be starting a long range build series based off a remington 700 300wm rifle. Starting from factory and building up from that


Personally I am not a fan of Remington firearms… At least not anything after Freedom Group bought them. I’ve ultimately just decided to save up more and get the Tikka in 6.5CM. It will be better for me in the long run.

Also I just want to tell you that I love your intro music. It is what inspired me to pick my intro music for my channel I am starting up.


I recommend Savage 12 long range precision in 6.5 creedmoor. Was able to pick mine up for just under 1k


As an alternative to the Tikka and Savage suggestions, which are good ones, take a look at Mossberg. They offer a few different models that have removable box magazines that might fit what you are looking for. From what I’ve seen, they have decent enough accuracy and quality to be able to make them work and tend to use standard magazines instead of proprietary ones. But if you decide to go Savage or Tikka, it would not be a bad decision.

If you decide to go Remington, make sure the action doesn’t have the lawsuit settlement applying to it. While not common, inadvertent discharges with the finger off the trigger and the safety on can happen. I’ve seen it in person.


Which one? Cause realistically, if you go cheap now it’s highly likely you’ll be spending a lot more later on upgrades and whatnot.


Tiborasaurusrex agrees it can be done and did a couple videos on that very subject. He admitted he had to press past some of his 'snobbery" to do it and was rather impressed with what he could get and do with $1000 or less.


I’d tend to agree but I also know gun people and how much we love our toys.

We just… need that new stock. We can’t explain why, but… we do. We’re like meth addicts, except we hanker for bits of gun.