Best scope for 308 out to 1000yds


I recently ordered a RPR IN 308. I was wanting to get a jump on the optic search, so of course , I come to my trusted friends here! I’d like opinions on first focal vs. second focal plane, magnification, 1" or 30mm tube, rings/mount & fixed or quick detach. I’m looking for an all around functional optic for 20 yards out to as far as 1000 yds. I will be using this for ground hogs, coyote, deer & target shooting. Budget-$500 - $1100. I value all your opinions & look forward to your suggestions. Thanks!


I’ve been looking into a .308 build for a while now. I’ve settled on either a Vortex PST Gen II 3-15 or a Leupold VX5 3-15, but the people I’ve spoken with prefer the Vortex. I’m interested to see what everyone else has to say.


Sounds like 2 solid choices to consider. I’ve been wanting a 308 for some time as well. Just always got side tracked to other calibers lol. Actually ordered it this time. 15x is probably plenty for most things, but I also shoot small targets/game far & my aging eyes enjoy extra magnification in those situations. We’ve got a great group here, I’m also looking forward to their imput.


I’m doing the same search but for budgetary reasons it would be a VX-1 or freedom this year or something a little better in another year or two. I kind of like the idea of the 1st focal plane ( If thats the one that stays the same throughout the magnification range) . I’ll be watching the response here and trying to hold off for the higher level scope.


What a let down when I realized you didn’t mistype

I read

R.E.P.R. IN 308



Hay Russ, I realize that this is a little more than your budget but I have built 4 .308 rifles in the past for long range and if/when I do another one this is what I’m going with. I’m most likely going to replace scope i have a build already for one of these.


Curious, can you explain why?

Looks like a real nice scope and I haven’t yet read up on it entirely. It’s really not a bad price, but I’d like to know if you have any experience with this brand, product or whatever.

I’ve been looking at the burris optics as well as some of the others already mentioned here in this thread.

I’m looking into building me another rifle here soon and I’m putting together my budget list now.


Absolutely Brother. I have put my eye through a lot of scopes before and in the store or at the range mid day The nicer scopes all look the same for the most part. Now on a day with fog, rain, or low light conditions you can see a huge difference in glass quality. During the day on full power magnifying you can see color dispersion in leupold, night forces especially with yellows, blue,and green “mix of the two” IOR uses Ziess glass and the color scheme does not separate as bad. Now on a hot day when the ground is boiling having a scope with lower quality glass may come to your advantage, your target will look blurry. With good glass the bending light and vibrant colors will mess with you a little.
As far as the mechanics of the scope it’s IOR hands down.

With this scope I have 25 minutes of adjustment with one rotation of the elevation knob, so this scope will get me out to 800 on a single revolution. On my mark4 it’s easy to get lost with such a small diameter elevation knob. The clicks are very strong and crisp. Same feeling as A U.S. optics scope and half the price.

With better glass you don’t need huge magnifying power ether.
With the IOR Spartan one rotation goes out to 800 yards! Hard to get lost on that knob. You can go further but 800 is a good start. And you can make a range card for further distance.
For the money I have not found a better deal.
Oh and the scope is made in Romanian. The U.S. dollar goes further there than here.



I appreciate your insight & expertise on the topic.

Now comes the real hard part - hiding what I’m spending my money on so my better half doesn’t harass me



I have the opposite problem with my wife. She wanted me to get both the rifle and the scope that’s on it. On Saturday I found a Galil 308 from action arms, never fired. The price was about $1,400 over the going rate for that rifle in that condition if one could put a price on it. She was fine with that too. In the end I had to stop dreaming and pull myself back into reality, and put the rifle back on the shelf. I know in the future I will be kicking myself for walking away from it.


That ones about 4k to start! But nice!


The swfa sounds interesting, I’ve heard of them, never looked through one yet. I didn’t know they used a ziess glass.


SWFA is the company with a good price.
Unfortunate an SWFA scope leaves a lot to be desired.
The scope I was referring to is a IOR Valdada Spartan. It’s really what I would think that you would want for this build.


reading comprehension bites me again! LOL I looked up the wrong one I think


Anybody have any more suggestions on this one? I’d like to hear some input, as I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and lost my mind on optics. Currently comparing the Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 or the Nightforce SHV 4-14x50 F1.


a couple of my buddies have some Scopes made by Athlon. I’ve seen them when we were out hunting, and they didn’t look too bad at all! Clarity and brightness very good . Not quite like a Leupold but pretty darn good , Price was right, lot of magnification. They were hitting the steel gong at a thousand yards couple weeks back when we were out ground hog hunting.


I may pick up one of these until I make a decision on a higher end optic. there are less expensive and more expensive models of the scope


Optics are one place to not go cheap thats for sure

you look at these yet?


yeah I seen those. I plan on spending about 1200 or so. it’s a toss-up between two or three different scopes for me at this point.might throw something less expensive on till I choose “the perfect one”


I saw you had a post up, but before I could reply, it disappeared somehow for some reason . What caliber and type of gun are you looking for optics for? How far out do you plan on shooting it?