Best scope for 308 out to 1000yds



Yes, sorry about that.

Apparently, there is something I was supposed to do, but didn’t, to properly start the thread. Robert helped me get rid of my faulty thread.

Then, I saw your thread and decided it was close enough to what I needed. Thanks for that!

Regarding what I am looking for (but, I don’t want to mess up your thread…), is for a .30-06 bolt action shooting up to (generally) 300 yards, or so, as well as for a 6.5 creedmoor (planned, probably bolt action), for up to 1,000 yards. Trying to keep the cost at $1,000 or less, each. Thanks for any advice, tips, or info. I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to scopes.

And, not sure what the issue is/was about all the want-to-buy/sell/trade is, so if there is a concern regarding brands, etc., just info on features, types of settings, etc, would suffice.


You’re not messing up the thread, we all value each other’s insight & fairly knowledgeable with optics, but started this thread to get suggestions & to know what others use. It’s a great way to learn & expand on our knowledge.


This is what I’m running on my BMG, better sit down, good optics aren’t cheap.


The Nikon m308 & the primary arms 3-18×50 dmr hud both look interesting.



Not sure which reticle I like, any suggestions? Which, if either would you recommend & why?


Primary arms, because I use them a lot.


they were pre-order only but the shipment apparently arrived and they have them in stock


Upon deciding the primary arms was going to have very think reticle lines (after several calls to primary arms & discussions with very knowledgeable members here)which wouldn’t be very precise out far on small targets in my opinion & the Nikon m308 has been discontinued, I decided on the new Nikon M tactical 308 800bdc scope and nikon black 1 piece mount. The upgraded scope now has a 30mm main tube compared to the old model’s 1inch tube along with other minor upgrades (lens coatings, etc) I am very familiar & accurate with this reticle design and believe it’ll serve me well. Thanks to all here for your valued, helpful input!!!:slight_smile:



The prices shown from Nikon seem very reasonable. My son shoots almost always long distance, and he swears by Schmit&Bender, but thats way out of my budget constraints, but he is single with very little expenses which is not me.:joy:


Lol, being single helps a lot!


Scope & mount arrived, hopefully gun is in tomorrow