Best scope for 308 out to 1000yds


Is this what you got from your FFL who owed you $$$


this is a very good lower end scope…I have the 8x34 Athlon and the eye box/eye relief changes dramatically once you get to the higher magnifications, I would not buy another one…I recently bought the Covenant 5 SFP 3x15 and it is better than the Athlon IMO…


This would be my under 1k best choice…


When your done looking at all the Chinese crap, take a hike over to

Find the SWFA SS (super Sniper) a prior Navy Seal contract scope. It comes in 6x 10x 16x and 20x. The standard 10x is what I have on many rifles. I had a 20x, but at 1000 yards its boring to shoot.
Gun Blasts reviewed it, T Rex reviewed it. Many you tubes on it. NO ONE says anything bad about it. The cost $300!.
You might want to add the TSP scope mounts, some flip ups, and a Mil Dot master slide rule. Now you have spent less than $500.
Now your shots will get boring out to 600 yards.
If you do not know what a mil dot reticle is, look it up. Its a built in range finder, wind drift and lead device too. If you are serious about distance and do not have a mil dot, you are wasting bullets.
I use 178gr A-Max traveling 2880fps. I have a sub-MOA 3/8 inch group at a 200 yard zero.
I had a 1/4 inch group with the 20x.

Last time my Bud called me to the range I did not know that the county Sheriff’s SWAT teams were shooting there that day. At the end of the day, I’d out shot them all, and as we were leaving on cop said to my Bud. “I sure hope he is on our side, or we are all dead”.


More shit i didnt need, but saw it & bought it anyway🙃 SOG double mag pouch, HOLDS 4 -30rnd 5.56 or 4-20/25 rnd 308 p mags. & grabbed a 20 rnd 308 p mag. (Still have 6- 308 10 rnd p mags ordered, coming in this week) #ThisIsWhyI’mBroke!


Once again, more shit I didn’t need but bought anyway…


how the Nikon run? I’ve been curious about them as a cheaper alternative to my Nightforce pre-occupation fixation.

How is the clarity of the sight picture across the magnification range? What is longest range you will be using it out to? Would love to hear about your experience with it.


I like it a lot! Ive only shot out to 200yards so far with it.have to wait till spring to get out to the big area where we have out to approximatly 1800 yards to play with. I’ll be using it out to 1000 yards, maybe a shade further. I have a similar scope (nikon m223) on an ar 15 with a 20" barrel that reaches out to 600 nicely. Once I get out to some distances with it I will post some pictures and input on how it performed.


Okay, nice. Are you hitting Steel? Sounds quite promising for a very well priced scope. I’m always keen to hear how the more affordable options run. I’m thinking of trying a budget build myself seeing it handles.

If I got on to the thread earlier I would have recommended a Sightron S-TAC in either 5-20 or 2.5-17. I brought one from the states for 850USD. Excellent scope. I reckon it would be sit very nicely on your AR.


The Nikon have always been good Scopes especially for the money. they perform as well as my higher-end Leupold scopes at a quarter of the price, just not quite the brightness and clarity as the Leopold.