Best spray paint for polymer?


I want to spray a Borderlands gun manufacturer logo on the stock of my PS90 and its mags.



I use krylon fusion it’s designed to work with plastics
As always cleaning and prepping the peice is the key to good paint work
You can even bake the product to help the curing process


Will a hair dryer help with the baking? Will be doing a lightly distressed look so it doesn’t have to be clean and perfect.


That should work fine fist make sure you hang the peice to dry and don’t get the dryers to close at first and you only have to dry with dryer 15 - 20 min
Then allow the paint to sure for a few hours


Got a dehydrator? I suspect it would work well for drying paint.


Cool, thanks! Appreciated.


No dehydrator. :frowning:


2nd on krylon. I bake mine between coats (150° for 15 minutes) and let it cool.3 coats.


That’s sound advice
We use a lot of alumahyde or appliance epoxy on ak rifles for people that don’t want to pay for duracoat or cerakote finishes
The baking temps and times are higher and longer


Built a gun from the parts bin on Thursday, Krylon spray painted it outside on a clothesline the most gouty color I could find at Wallyworld and it turned out surprisingly good .

Let in dry for 3 1/2 hours


I tried some of that on some muzzle caps that were orange, wanted to tone them down. Sanded, cleaned with acetone, shit still flaked right off. Used it on some PVC pipe on the roof ten years ago and it is still looking good. Must be some plastic it doesn’t like.


I’ve found this as well
I did a magpul 12ga pump forearm and no matter what I did it wouldn’t take
Generally though this works well for polymer