Bet Your Didn't Know The Tactical Leprechaun Was A Ribmaster!

Being from TX, BBQ and smoking things (on a grill or smoker, ha ha) is an art and a way of life. After getting a wicked awesome Green Mountain Grill (pellet smoker) it has upped my game tremendously. My niche is no doubt ribs.


I watched that entire video,

Didn’t know about pellet grills, pretty cheap to run I bet?


I’ll be down the next time I smell BBQ from the SE.


I have a GMG Daniel Boone. Brisket on that thing is freakin awesome. Last time I made it, the whole family was in a meat coma! My ribs are pretty good too.


@ArmedEyeDoc heck yeah bro,you are close enough, i have a range beside my house, we can make it happen! @Robert i don’t know that i would say that, time on a bag of pellets depends a lot of the temperature you cook vs the temperature outside. running the thing in cold weather uses a lot as opposed to running it in hot weather. that said, i come from old school smokers you gotta add wood to, watch the temp close, etc, etc this things is so cyber nasty it handles all that for you pretty much, stays constant, can control it from the house or even away from the house because of the wifi. @EQuinn yep, ain’t telling me nothing new bro LOL

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