Beyond firearms: Natural Rights Heterodoxy

Hello from Belgrade, Serbia (it is in Europe, but not in EU).
I am glad to hear the social distancing is prohibited here, it reinforces my presumptions about this place.

I joined with intent to exercise my free speech here, in hope to be heard by those very few who still take human rights really seriously. Although many pretend to, I can tell the diff by the stance on 2A.

In turn, you can tell the role of 2A – its real impact on how we think about the world – has grown way beyond “well regulated militia”, and in my case it is the most flawless friend-or-foe indicator.

I have zero chance to be hosted or heard on any other platform because my opinions infuriate both “parties” equally, and even alienated template-libertarians.


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome from Iowa!
You had my attention with the stalin mention earlier, now Serbia. I did a semester report in 7th grade on Yugoslavia, maybe 1977, had a keen interest in that part of the world since, lots of history and many choosing their own versions… maybe choosing is the wrong way to put it, maybe not.
Speak up here, I do.


you can call me with “hangouts” and ask your questions as long as you are comfortable recording it for public to view (in case of satisfactory quality of the recording of course)


One of my employees was stationed at the American Embassy there for a while and saw first hand how much the locals embraced their firearms. Welcome.


Welcome to the forum! If we were worried about being on a list and recorded we wouldn’t write the things we do on a public forum. In the end it will make no difference since we’re all human and the war is on against 90-95% of all humans.


i can start a so called “meet” session and post the “join” link (it is what is replacing “hangouts”)


@unorthodox welcome to full30. Good to see an intro finally :+1:


Howdy unorthodox and


Welcome Silly, I did watch one of your videos, on passwords, loved you pointed out the measuring stick :+1:


In the same boat as you @unorthodox, and here for much the same reasons…

Well and that it’s chock full of fearless Liberty Loving Patriots who love the Republic and Guns


Welcome to Full30!


thank you, bro.
cybersec is my great pain, so much is said so little is understood.
and it does directly affect your “elections” in more fundamental ways than anything that people talk about.
basically they are dealing with a CORPSE of elections, and trying to protect it from “hackers”.


Welcome from Kentucky.


Yep, get close and you can still smell the stench, ruins everything it gets near.


i mean it is dead in multiple ways simultaneously, each of which is sufficient alone – it gives me pain to see people talking about voting with straight faces – fixing imperfections on a long dead corpse.

setting aside candidate filtering, discourse framing, and plain out-right ignoring of evidence and complete refusal to investigate and prosecute – which are all perfectly sufficient to declare any electoral system dead, there still remains the cybersec aspect which independently and also completely kills the elections.

You can not have anonymity and verifiability at the same time – it is a mathematical fact, you can not “reason” it out nor work it around with any amount of effort. It is like gravity or conservation of energy.

What people traditionally do to maintain some semblance of veracity of anon ballots? They establish “chain of custody” – a long procedure that theoretically keeps all ballots observable by anyone at any given time. (Ah! this property is no longer true… well, that means your elections have never been real.)

The veracity of ballots that are themselves unverifiable relies totally on the PROCEDURE: how they were handled during the entire cycle at any given moment without gaps.

The moment you introduce a computer into this procedure, the chain of custody immediately and irrepairably snaps.

A computer is a blackbox.
Your ballots all of them instantaneously become fake.
period. full stop.

Talking about “russian/chinese hackers” after that, only reveals hopeless stupidity of the “we the people”.


had a keen interest in that part of the world

may i recommend this guy:

i confidently vouch for everything he said so far.


Welcome to the forum from California.


In old soviet union, you may not be able to find a party…

But THE PARTY can always find YOU

Yakov Smirnoff

This is from the 70s. The sad part is, it is NOW not funny here.


Precisely what I meant with what I wrote. It makes no difference, I’ll resist, forcibly. If enough of them die they’ll figure out that the retirement benefits really suck.