Bianchi Carrylok Holster Review


I’m a little late to the Bianchi Carrylok party, but I found one on clearance and had to pick it up and take a chance on it because the price was right. Original retail at GT Distributors in GA was $62.95. Clearance price… right around $25.00 in store only.

The staff is always amazing there and upon request they pulled a Beretta 92 out of the showcase and allowed me to test out the fit before I decided to make the investment. As of now, I’m glad I did.

Initial impression- quality. This leather is thick and hard without being dry and too stiff. You can push on it’s formed shape but it bounces right back. The stitching is thick and done well, without any loose strings to clean up and take care of.

Just a guess here, but I think it may be made in Mexico.

I’ve always liked the look of tan leather but never personally owned a holster in this finish until now. I’m a function over form kind of guy but this thing looks good.



My Beretta fits snugly without being too tight, and there is an audibly positive ‘click’ when holstering the weapon. Think Serpa. Bianchi is part of the Safariland group in case anyone is wondering.


It has what they call Auto Retention, and the release is a paddle button that is meant to be operated with the middle finger when drawing your weapon. It’s more intuitive than I thought it would be and with a little practice I can see it being pretty quick.


So far it’s comfortable to wear but it does need to be broken in like any other leather product. Darned if it doesn’t look cool though.

As always if any problems come up I’ll keep you all updated, but I have high hopes for this holster. I got the last one in the store but with a quick internet search I found out that plenty of other retailers have them in stock, just not at the price point I scored this one for.


if you see one for SIG 226R at that price grab it and send it north


That’s a good looking holster for that price.


@srdiver I’ll keep an eye out for you! I think the only ones they had left were for full sized M&P pistols.


that could work too - thinking of getting the Girsan MC28 which is like M&P 9 but uses CZ 75 mags


@srdiver I didn’t know that pistol existed! Looks very interesting. You learn something new every day here. The CZ-75 mags made by Mecgar are great. I can attest to that. Next time I’m there I’ll do a recon for you and see if the price point is the same for the M&P platform!


make matters worse and something you might like and enjoy that has just hit the market here

very very tempted


That’s a sweet looking pistol! I like the color scheme. I know nothing of their reputation. Are they good to go quality wise? I would be tempted too!!!


in some circles it is a better Beretta but having only fired 92S and FS don’t know, however they are half the price of a A1/A3. If you consider the used market, I see more Berettas 92s than Girsan regards and when they do appear they get snatched fast.
I will let you know because one may find it’s way to a new home (there is also a green/tan available).


Hey the market says a lot- if they get snatched up and never sold then there may be something to be said for sure. I eagerly await your review if you happen to snag one!

…looking at my plain black Beretta as we speak…


@ThisOldGun very nice review of your purchase thanks for sharing. Your clear pictures and img almost have that new leather smell, almost. :wink: