Big ass blades fixed / folders


Anti-taliban device, It’s a Ka-Bar and it’s huge!


I got a Kukri blade coming in to the studio. The place is making it special for us to do a review. Can’t wait.


@Tactical_Reviews, make sure you let us know when you’re going to be doing that, I’d like to check it out thanks.


Most of my big blades are machetes. I live in eastern NC so a machete is very handy and super light to carry. I will have to get some pictures of them this weekend.


@Steel it’s gorgeous out there. I’ll be passing through on Saturday on my way to Tennessee.



Becker Machax 1095 cro-van



Only a folder but pretty large…


@RSjr, awesome nice Benchmade!


kabar/Becker Camp Magnum 1095 cro-van


That is my favorite Becker. The BK-5 is hard to beat in my opinion. I had one that I took the coating off and reprofiled the edge the added Micarta scales. I was in love with that knife up until the day she was ruined in the house fire. I bought another one later on but it was shipped to the west coast instead of the east coast for some reason. Just seems I am not meant to have one I guess. Still a awesome blade.


Tops Knives combat Bowie 154cm


Yeah it’s home. Plenty of farm land, rivers and swamps to hunt for food and test out all kinds of big ass blades or little ass blades.


Entrek USA 440C




Here’s a couple close ups of the big ass blades that aren’t katanas. I used a AA battery to show blade size by scale.

Some Chinese large spring assisted stainless knife.

Some Chinese decently high quality “k-bar”. Who am I kidding, its more of a mini-machete.

Since this is a gun forum I thought a look at my Winchester Bowie knife was in order.

This is a hand crafted knife made from Damascus (?) steel with the handle being a elk (or deer?) antler. The guy who made this died but his son still runs the company. I cannot find the certificate of authenticity at the moment to give any more details…