Bigfoot or Sasquatch

YIKES, lol, you definitely don’t want to be in FL then, they’re so small and will get you in a what seems to be a bare parking lot, right up through the cracks, and you never see them coming, little sob’s will bite over and over too

I was in SFL and about every home I had it was a normal battle to keep the mounds out of the yard, they’re just a bad deal all the way around, their welts last for a long time too


And all the poision that has had to be sprayed to kill them is poisoning the swamps along with the Boa Constrictor which is ruining the eco-system of the swamps.


You talking about the green tide or the red algae?

And pythons (Burmese), similar but different

Of course not often mentioned are the brine wells


which get the friendly name of saltwater disposal wells which are certainly not friendly to anyone ever particularly the future


I found him hiding in plain sight


That isn’t exactly different.

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