Bikers chase Antifa out of thier town

They really are special to go pick shit with a group like the Hells Angels :grimacing:


May take the 1%er’s to kill the bastards, our crooked politicians won’t. they sure don’t want to get some of the hard core bikers on their ass. they don’t care. unless the 1% bikers have gone soft now. i dunno. years ago they would cut yer throat and not think twice about it.


The bikers seem to be uniting and from what I’ve been reading they made it clear they want to meet up and fill some body bags :grimacing:


Least someone has some moxy


I used to hate them damn hells angels and i won’t go into why, i’ll just say i have a scar from one of them. but if they start killing them idiots i will forget about past aggressions. them mongols used to be some mean suckers too. let me get outta here before i say too


I thought the clubs beefed but they apparently are smarter than most people give them credit for and they know when its time to unite under a common cause.

Much respect to them for defending thier towns. That is what regular people should be doing


I made a comment a while ago about how if you fight with your own brother or sister it is a family thing and outsiders need to stay clear, but if an outsider steps in for either side they are going to have to deal with both sides and the rest of the family. This is the same thing. They may have beefs with each other but they are all part of the 1% family. They can fight with each other etc. but if an outsider starts creating issues for them they all congregate on that source of the problem and take care of it, then they go back to business as usual. This is exactly what is happening and antifa had better watch their step with these folks because when they are serious there is no game playing, it is deadly serious period. Most of these people love America and they are not afraid to fight for it.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!!