Bill Jordan on the second amendment

Bill Jordan was the real deal , an exhibition shooter on par with guys such as Ed Mcgivern or Jerry Miculek, but he was also an actual “gunfighter” that served in WW2, Korea , & as border patrol. His book is not very PC but full of neat insight , he even talks a little on carrying an alibi gun for “just in case”. The gear and equiptment section is obviously dated but still neat if you put it in context.


I grew up reading Bill Jordan in an outdoor magazine (Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field & Stream, some such, I don’t remember)


I have a signed copy of that book as well.


You probably are old but at least you have good taste in reading material! :laughing:


Charles Askins was another interesting gunslinging border patrolman and contemporary to Jordan but he was more psychotic and less likeable in my opinion. He seemed to have genuinely liked killing people and bragged about it. Not to mention he was pretty racist and by that I am not talking about about todays definition of the word. He gives the impression at points in his book that he didnt even consider blacks or mexicans people :grimacing:

Looking past that though his perspective on gunfighting seems rooted in experience so its worth a read. I found his story on using/testing the .44 magnum out in a counter-ambush in Asia rather interesting.


I noticed that about CA also.