Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock


First this,


Alexa can you unlock my gun?


Another point of failure. Keep it simple stupid.


Tech has peaked and now headed back down hill. I like a good old fashioned combination lock. Only my wife and I can open our big safe and the day I can no longer remember the combo is the day I ought to pass down my guns to my kids.
Lots of times it takes me several try’s to unlock my phone with a fingerprint. If I needed that gun in a hurry, I’d better hope my aggressor waits patiently for me to unlock it.


I would never trust my life to biometrics.

There are some pretty sophisticated key locks that would work as needed.


Ok, Robert. Let me be more clear:

I would never trust a biometric lock for a gun safe of any size, especially if it contained my home defense guns.

Regarding healthcare and biometrics - a whole different subject, and far more complicated view.

And, regarding IBM’s dark history, yes I had heard that before.


^ This. And to add, I would not trust technology/software either (e.g. automated car).



I would have to be much older and less mobile to accept having a machine do the driving.

Technology has come a very long way, but driving is still far more complex than the software can handle.


I agree completely. Now tell the electric car hippies / hipsters this.


Don’t want a gun that takes batteries.

Don’t want a gun I can’t shoot weak-side/handed.

Don’t want a gun my wife and family can’t use (especially if they really need it).

Don’t want a gun I can’t shoot with leather gloves on.

Don’t need the added expense.

Half the time my Galaxy 7 "smart"phone doesn’t recognize my fingerprint to unlock. That’s unacceptable when seconds count.



Oh, I have and I will continue to do so.

However, I do hope that driverless cars become an available option someday. People like my parents could sure use them to get around.



I agree with the batteries comment.

But, have you ever fired a Smith & Wesson .460? Oh boy that’s fun. But personally, I would not want to shoot it one handed.

However, for personal defense, I think your comments make a lot of sense.


I finally got a phone with a fingerprint scanner, a LG Stylo 3. It works perfectly, no issues whatsoever. Would I want it on my sidearm? No way in hades. If I can’t get my phone unlocked I can double tap and use the code. If I am drawing my sidearm for immediate self defense, and my finger is covered in blood, mud, or oil, and it doesn’t read it…I may be a dead man with my perfectly good sidearm safely locked away. There was a video years ago about robotic type clone cops hunting down people, and one went after a guy smoking a cigarette. At the end, when they con fronted each other, they both had Beretta 92s with touch screens on the side, entering in codes. The clone’s fired. and the last screen showed another clone in a control room with the mans screen on in front of him flashing “DENIED”. Can’t find that one anymore, but that IS the end result they want - make gun ownership so onerous and difficult that nobody wants to do it, except the criminals who will have “dumb” guns forever.