Biometric gun safes?


I’ve had this unit for a couple years now. I bought it with the intended purpose of storing one of my home defense pistols in it. My brother and I set up a home invasion type scenario, where my brother played the part of the bad guy. There’s no way in hell i could get into this thing fast enough from a sound sleep get on target and get a round or two off in time. It is now strictly used as a safe!


now you know why I would never use a biometric safe for my home defense weapon(s) of choice.

key lock, yes.


@JohnB, it’s very important to safeguard your pistol especially when there’s children in the house, but there’s no way in hell I would trust a biometric anything to work at the crucial hour when you need it the most!


I’ve used the Gun Vault that uses a series of key presses as a combo. Didn’t always open on the first try and a three second delay to try again. That ain’t gonna work if I need it NOW. Then went to a Hornady RFID. Don’t like wearing rubber bracelets to bed. So now it just stays open at night and holds the gun nicely accessible. I take the gun with me when I leave and lock my spare keys and such in it when I’m gone.


I’m fortunate, my rugrats are adults now. Daughter is finishing up nursing school and my son just got in with the ironworkers. I got weapons stashed in every room. But I do remember when they were young. Yes, the good ole days of plugging up electric outlets so the little shits didn’t electrocute themselves sticking a fork in the outlet…


@LonewolfMcQuade, I remember plugging the outlets, I must have had 50 or 60 of those things all over the house.


This is a good topic I missed. Right now we have no kids so we can pretty much do what we want with our weapons (and I have at least most rooms armed). My only problem is since I leave the handgun on the nightstand I have to hide it when we/I leave somewhere and that can get old. My #1 problem with any sort of gun safe like the ones mentioned in this topic is speed of entry. The way our house is shaped and the likeliest entry points figured out time may be very limited in a home invasion scenario for us. It will likely be less than 10 seconds bordering in on 5 seconds. While we do have things like bright ass motion lights and cameras to hopefully serve as some sort of deterrent or something to get the attention of the criminal for long enough to get in to action these cannot be counted on if the aforementioned criminal invader is high on some mind altering narcotics.

So, what’s the hadngun safe with the fastest entry time(s)? Or should we/I run to the fortified master closet and create a choke point in the master bath? I’d rather scare off the intruder than hunker down and let them ransack the place frankly so the latter option isn’t my favorite for me–my wife will be retreating to the fortified master closet with the dog and a long gun or two just in case I fail to stop the threat but I’d rather not turtle in the closet (slightly claustrophobic).

As a sort of footnote here, while my wife and I run “get ready” drills with the handguns fairly frequently I’m going to start doing live invasion scenarios with empty CO2 BB pistols to help simulate the scenario. We have a full size full weight Colt 1911 CO2 BB pistol and a full size full weight Dan Wesson wheelgun which will be great training tools.


1 line of defense, I have 2 trained attack dogs anyone that ganes entry is going to be in a world of hurt instantaneously!!!
2 As crazy as it sounds I sleep with a pistol on me and my home defense shotgun is inches away with immediate access, my bedroom door is fortified, the dogs will tie up the intruders plenty long enough for me to get on target and end the threat immediately, I love my dogs!!!
Everybody’s situation is different this is how I’ve chosen to handle any dumbass that’s going to try and do me or my family harm.


All homes / family situations are unique so overall I don’t think there’s any one answer. But as to your root question regarding quick access safes. The Hornady I pictured above is quite responsive (around a second to a second and a half) provided you wear the rubber bracelet or the key chain fob. In the bedroom as I mentioned I just keep it open at night and the gun is nicely presented for quick access. Also better than just loose on the nightstand where I might tend to bump it off during the night or if trying to grab it after being awoken suddenly.
You could have several of these in various rooms and both you and your wife wear a bracelet. The safe can be programmed for up to three rfid devices. As well as multiple units can be programmed to the same bracelets.
I found the gun vault (finger press combo type) to not respond to my key presses on occasion even in non stress situations so can’t recommend them. But quite happy with the Hornady.


I’ll have to see if I can find someone locally who sells that Hornady so I can test it for myself. Is it pricey?


My wife got me the one above as a gift after I’d been bitching about the Gun Vault. Just looked on Amazon and… yeah kinda pricey at $210. There are smaller, cheaper ones that I can only assume would be equally as responsive.


Thanks. Just saw that on Amazon as well! :+1: