Black Friday is right around the corner. What's on everyone's "to buy" list?


I’m gonna get a .22lr suppressor. Still can’t decide which one.



Available credit…?



To buy list huh

9mm Clark/para barrel
Brand new dremmel attachment kit
80%sig 320 chassis


You’ll have to post your progress on that one!

An 80% build of any kind is on my todo list eventually - just for the fun of it.


I have a 357 sig conversion kit for a 250 and frames are cheap so I was thinking why not


Obviously I have to go with the ZF-1 paying homage to Roberts picture!


Ooh ooh Good choice

I wouldn’t mind a phase plasma rifle in the 49 watt range


Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for the kids…lol…I cant buy any toys untail after feb.


1/4 of grass fed organic beef for $3.39 a pound! Ordered it last week…



You must be rolling in money lol


Parts for the AR pistol build.


I thought it was cool they put a price on that


Are you putting it on layaway ?


That would be interesting
I don’t use credit at all so that’s a lot of saving
I shed the debt slave monicker about 10 years ago and never looked back


Going from an AK to that would be like going from the Flinstone’s foot powered car to the Jetson’s flying car.


You sell just 1 of your organs on the black market, you’ll have the cash!


Ahahahaha I dlike to keep the. Where they belong
There a tad bit important


You will be fine with one kidney, plenty of people do it.


Unless you need a quality optic, then there goes the other kidney! I hear dialysis isn’t that bad…