Black powder guns, lets see em.


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Now with the pics.




Lyman great plains and a 42 year old TC Senica


Those Lymans are really good rifles. Even though most states have the inline hunting now, those old sidelocks are hard to beat for fun. they also are not cheap anymore.



My babies.

First is a Mike Brooks English fowling smoothbore. 16 gauge with 42" Colerain Griffin swamped barrel and sunburst walnut stock. Seven pounds on the nose. This is my primary grouse and small game gun.

Second is a cherry stocked Jon Donelson Lehigh rifle. 44" .54 cal barrel. The iron trigger bow, buttplate and sideplate are forged from the iron straps off an old silo. Barrel is a L.C. Rice swamped "C profile



Those are something to be proud of. I bet they’re tack drivers too.


From my Dad also.


Is there any markings on that anywhere?


Yes Matching #'s too. Has some wear but in good shape otherwise.
If I get a chance I’ll photo the other marks.


Just some loading pics I had found.


Picked this up at the last show… reproduction but $50.00


About 50 yards