Black Powder Pistol Help


I am trying to help a friend out. He bought a couple of black powder pistols at an auction and brought them to me to see how he did. I was able to figure out the first one was a Pietta reproduction of a 1858 Remington Texas. I am saying it is around 90 on condition so I am saying it should be worth about $150 dollars. Does this should able right.

The second one I believe it is a Pietta 1851 Reb Reproduction, but I am not sure which model the confederate, Navy, or Nord Carbine. I have some pictures and was wondering if someone might be able to help me identify. Also it looks like someone decided to try and polish up the brass and partially removed some of the stamping markings which I know hurts the value but I am not sure how much.


That is a copy of the colt design. Decent shooter. Tell him to load on the light side. Heavy loads will pull the steel rod the cylinder rotates around out of that brass frame. At least it did on 1 of mine years ago. Had to drill the frame and put a pin in to fix it.


OK after some measurements and further research on firearms guide I’m pretty sure it is the Navy. I am still curious though what you guys/gals might thing about the damage and how much it deters from the value.


You have the confederate model, The 1851 colt navy model is 36 caliber. this is what you have in link


Reproductions are shooters not collectables .
Used black powder guns like these have a very limited market. Originals are where the value and collectability is at.


I bought a johnny reb model about three years ago for 175 bucks new. There frames are made of brass and not strong as the steel framed ones. they are also about the cheapest in price of all them. but they shoot well and like mentioned don’t load them too heavy. Like shooterrex said, they are shooters, not collectibles.


@belt-fed The reason why I think it is the Navy and not the Confederate is it has the octogonal barrel and not the round barrel. that was about the only differences I saw in the model. According to Firearms guide the Navy was made in 44 as well as 36.


Well you could be right, I didn’t even notice the barrels. now I gotta get mine out tomorrow and check barrel. it’s a 44 I know that.


Maybe this is it.


Yep I believe that is it. Any ideas on what you think this would be worth in the condition. Does 150 sound around the right spot?

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Guess you could start there, it’s only 50 bucks more new. and you can find em cheaper than Cabelas. Looks like they have scuffed the brass up pretty good. Probably used something abrasive on it.


Is he wanting to sell them or just know their worth?


I have a Pietta steel frame 1851 Navy. $99 new from Cabelas. Horrible metal hardening for the internals. It shoots, but went from OK to 8 lb trigger pull to 2 oz trigger pull in 200 shots and slightly offset timing. All the contact points are rounded off now and it is about a 1 lb trigger pull but spits lead because the hand has worn down and it is out of time.

I wouldn’t own a second.

Brass frame would be even less attractive.

BUT - an 1851 is just so damn fun to shoot. Much better if you don’t actually try to aim it. They shoot about a foot high at 25 yards using the hammer notch.

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He is wanting to sell them. I’m going to go to a big gun show for my area this weekend and he asked if I would see if I could find a buyer. He is hoping for 200 a piece. After the research I’ve done and talking with you gentleman I think that is out of the question but I think he might be able to get 150 a piece if I can find the right buyer

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The $150 you mentioned might be overly generous, let alone the $200 your friend wants.
The last Remington Pietta I saw at a show in the condition you describe sold for $100, with a period correct holster.


I actually got an offer for 150 for the pair at the gun show and I advised him to take it but he refused so to my knowledge they are still sitting unsold. Oh well I tried my best. Some people just don’t want to see reality in pricing. I got to learn abit about black powder pistols so I took that as a win for me.