Black Rifle Coffee Company Review


My most amazing wife ordered some K-Cups the other day from the Black Rifle Coffee Company. I like my coffee in the morning, and sometimes mid morning, and in the afternoon… let’s just say that I like coffee. I’m no expert though. I can tell you though that this stuff is GOOD.

First off, it comes in a cool box that mimics an ammo can.

CF stands for caffeinated as f*%k.

Let’s open it up.


Check out those primers…


Time to brew…


Roast scale for this box is at a medium and the taste reflects it. It’s smooth and bold. Veteran owned and made in the USA, this is the coffee you should be drinking. I’m not trying to promo the company, I just know what I like and I like this. Thanks to my better half for turning me on to it! I think it’s time for a reload…


They make some very funny videos as well.


That is bad ass, you deserve to be a paid spokesman :sunglasses:


Thanks Robert! Their videos are funny as F too Doc.


If I drank coffee I’d be all over this.


I think I’ll order some. Been thinking about it for a while, but this makes me really want to try it


Thanks! My wife was telling me that if you order from their website they have a coupon and they also donate cups to deployed personnel. Cheaper than on Amazon and a better return for your dollar.


Now that’s my kind of coffee! :+1:


I don’t drink coffee but my wife does . She just tried their coffee and is now ordering it on line said it was the best she has tasted.


@Jtr I’m out of likes for the day but your wife has good taste Sir!


I like the smell and taste of coffee but if I drink it I shake like a dog passing a peach seed .


Ironically I just bought some before I got home.


That’s awesome!!!


I don’t drink coffee, however I purchased some products for gifts recently. They are strong supporters of 2-A and Vets. Plus there is this!