Blemished BCM lowers?

Does anybody know the quality of these lower? @switchpod, youre a BCM guy right? Do you have any experience with their blemished lowers?

Hay Brother! I was just about to clean up my new M57!

As far as BCM blems no, but Spikes. Palmetto state, and some others I do.
For starters all blems will work and do what you want them to do. No problems with functionality at all. Now fit sometimes can cause a bit of stress. You may need to retap a grip screw hole. There maybe a looser tolerance between the upper you have and a blem lower, especially if the upper is on the end of a loose fit tolerance and so is the blem lower. For the most part blems are small dings or scratches in them, sometimes the engraving is not as deep as they want ( spikes blems). The worst blem I have ever ran into was with a lower ar-15 is that the grip area was cut to deep causing the area between the trigger guard to rub the middle finger knuckle raw during run n gun training. The fix for this was to buy a bcm pistol grip. The grip has a area that protrudes out to protect the knuckle on the middle finger. DD makes a good grip for this issue as well.
For reference here is a picture of a very old Olympic arms.

You can see that everything lines up and there’s no area that will rub off the skin of the knuckle of the middle finger. Imagine if the grip came up higher and the trigger guard area of the lower was more pronounced! The concern can drive you up a wall. With that bcm lower I see no real down side to be honest with you.


Nice pistol. With AR15s I dont care about finish, they get beat up anyways, im mainly concerned with out of spec stuff. thanks for the info.

Shit I really want an M57. I just hope they don’t skyrocket in price in about a year when I might be able to buy guns again.

No worries @Chuparosa these are new ish and classic had about 100,000 of them. A word of caution. They are a little loose pistol. I like the originals a little more. Food for thought.

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Man I want one so badly. My luck will be they sell out before I can buy firearms again. 100,000 doesn’t sound like very many.