Blind folded challenge.



Pushing the challenge to the next level.


Impressive! At first I thought someone was going to shoot a target while blindfolded. I’m so nearsighted I’m legally blind without corrective lenses according to the optometrist. All that means is that without glasses or contacts everything I see is extremely blurry and way out of focus, unless it’s within 5 inches or so from my face.

At night while in bed without glasses or contacts, I sometimes wonder how I’d manage in the heat of the moment fumbling around for my glasses and pistol if an intruder broke in. Also wonder how far off the target I may be if I had to shoot without glasses or contacts - as long as it’s safe to do so of course. I once tried it with a bow and arrow from 20 yards and was surprised at how well I did considering everything was fairly blurry.

Anyway, I read about a soldier during one of the battles at the Chosin Reservoir who was temporarily blinded after getting wounded in both eyes. He was still able to load loose .30-06 rounds into M1 Garand en bloc clips for the guys with whom he was sharing a fox hole during those Chinese human wave type attacks!


that’s probably because during basic he was expected to do all that blindfolded, consider that the battlefield is a 24 hour occurrence and how often you have natural light. You have to manipulate your firearms in all aspects not just under perfect lighting. When I was “younger” could unload, field strip, reassemble, test after assembly and reload my rifle, pistol and the smg blindfolded and quite quickly.
Even now when I strip a rifle or pistol everything is laid out “perfectly” from left to right.