Board games topic


So, who all likes board games? Got any unique ones lately?

I picked these up within the last couple weeks.


The last board game I bought was battleship.




Ok, I didn’t even know there were Labyrinth and Fallout games. That’s pretty sweet.

Haven’t played much lately. Big fan of the Catan series, though. Mostly I’ve just been playing D&D lately… :sweat_smile:


I know right! I saw Labyrinth and Dark Crystal and had to get ‘em. Got the Fallout one a little earlier. I’d love to get more of these but the mfg doesn’t make anything else I could find.


I’m mostly an old-school board game guy (love a good game of Risk), but last Christmas my daughter and son-in-law bought Pandemic for me. I’m not used to cooperative games vs. competitive, but this one can be tough, and it’s fun once you get the hang of it.


Huh, no naked twister?:astonished:


Not at my age, my friend. Believe me, no one wants to visualize that… :rofl:




That or Clue too!


I like


I hate this fuking game. Thought it would be cool. Capitalism in a box. But, it’s corporate greed in a box. And it’s all she wants to play. That, or fuking Uno. Seriously, it’s like she’s 8. I’m waiting on her to show up with this:



that’s just racist


She is white…And that’s, basically, the same thing.