Bolt action or slide action AR pistol?


Anyone out there done anything like this?


Now that is a very interesting project. Get a polymer 80% lower, a polymer upper, mill the side for a charging handle, take an old bolt you have laying around and cut it shorter. Now my gears are turning.


Straight up bad ass!


I’ve got a side charging upper receiver and bolt carrier, that were bought for an upper I intend to build as a straight-pull bolt action rifle. It doesn’t require as much modification as that pistol, since it would only require leaving the gas system parts off the upper and making a more ergonomic charging handle than the one that came with the side charging carrier.

Got the idea from reading how the British deal with their gun laws (straight-pull bolt action ARs is one of their methods).


So… I have built very similar weapons only in rifles for long distances shooting… usually a right side charge handle. But one was a standard AR charge handle.
I would not have thought about building a light weight pistol. That’s cool.


Small light weight 300 blackout truck or pack gun is what I’m thinking. Just wondering what polymer parts to consider.


Sorry, I would never… even if paid… make any serious weapon (IE AR) out of any polymer that is available today.


Usually I wouldn’t consider it either, but with it just being manual action. Thought it should be fine, have you seen or had bad experience with polymer uppers/lowers?


Oh yes… I keep a broken one on my counter for people to see. They usually break after 300 rounds.
May last longer on a manual configuration but… they make some really lightweight top quality aluminum units so that’s what I would run. I only trust the polymer when it has been engineered from the ground up. Like a Glock… hahahhaha


Thats a neat concept there, i don’t think i’d personally do something like this as my skills are no where near what is required, but its a neat little pistol.