Bonded ammunition versus traditional jacketed hollow points?


what are the pros and cons? obviously the bonded bullet holds together while penetrating barriers, is it really all that important for a self-defense carry round?


I usually stagger ammo in my mags for the purpose of shooting through car doors, barriers etc.


@LonewolfMcQuade, I’ve often thought about that any concerns regarding feeding issues staggering the ammo?


No issues with reliability, I change out my 3 carry mags every 6 months and shoot the older ammo at the range. I swap it out because ammo being against your body can get moist especially in the hot months and become a liability. But I’ve never had feeding issues staggering rounds.


@LonewolfMcQuade, damn that’s very well-thought-out!
What do you think about the HST bullet all the experts and reviewers are saying that the HST holds together through barriers?


Sounds like a video Mr. Paul Harrell needs to do.


@Mister_Torgue he’s definitely one of the better reviewers out there.


@SAK Without doing my own research, i dont trust anybody’s word it will hold up through barriers. I stagger hollow points with fmjs. Yes, i realize this also presents an issue of over penetration on a soft target especially in a crowded cenario. I know fmj will penetrate car door or similar easily hitting my intended subject , which is where the hp would fail.


@LonewolfMcQuade, all winter long I carry nothing but hard cast ammunition, where I live people bundle up big time! I need every last bit of penetration, only switch to the premium jacketed hollow point when it starts warming up.



Actually, Paul Harrell did do a video on HST ammo versus low-cost JHP (I think it was Remington Green and Yellow boxed JHP’s). He was not that impressed with HST because it did not significantly outperform the Remington, but it cost a lot more.

On the other hand, Shootingthebull410 did various HST ammo tests (different calibers) and really loved the HST.


Saw that. The memory isn’t what it used to be. LOL


We can throw the Hornady Critical Duty in the mix, it’s not a traditional bonded bullet but it’s supposed to hold together through barriers really well, design for military and police applications.


If you need something good against barriers yet does the job in the body Lehigh defense.


Paul Harrell, you mean the most under rated YouTube gun channel? My favorite channel for sure. That man is hilarious!!!


Dude is cool as the other side of the pillow.


you be the judge of that