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So im going to start a book thread, I will give short desriptions(either my own or from the book itself) and post a link to Amazon or somewhere you can purchase it at a decent price.


This along with ‘Fighting Smarter’ by Tom Givens are the bibles of ccw and general info for people new to firearms.
From the book:
"Selected TOPICS include:

  • • A Concealed Carry Checklist with 12 Key Carry Guidelines
  • • 8 Fundamentals of Shooting with Tips for Trigger Control, Sight Alignment, Grip, Stance, etc.
  • • Top 21 Concealed Carry Handguns with detailed comparisons and rankings
  • • The 13 Methods of Carry with comparisons & helpful photos
  • • Overcoming the 7 common carry and new shooter Mistakes
  • • Criteria for selecting your personal Handgun, Holster, and Gun Belt
  • • Legal issues & consideration in the use of Deadly Force
  • • Understanding the Criminal Mindset for Situational Awareness
  • • Stand Your Ground, Brandishing, Warning Shots, & Disparate Force issues
  • • The best technique for Racking any pistol slide
  • • Proper Draw from concealed carry with steps and tips
  • • Dealing with the various handgun Malfunctions & Stoppages
  • • Suggested practice Drills for accuracy and speed
  • • Attacks by dangerous Dogs; Traveling Safely & Legally on Airlines with Guns & Ammo, etc."

Yes I bought this book, I was curious how exactly women would be different then men on common topics like mindset. This book is fantastic and on par with the one I talked about above just geared towards the ladies.

From the book:

“The Cornered Cat is all about women that have chosen or are considering choosing firearms for self defense, sport, or just wanting to understand more about what their menfolk find so fascinating. This book contains a wealth of information presented in Kathy’s warm and often humorous style. She tackles the serious considerations of using deadly force in defense of oneself and loved ones in a thought-provoking, non-judgmental, “between girlfriends” prose that is neither threatening nor sugar-coated, just very real.”


Great read, not much else to say.
From the book:

"In this, his latest and most important book, The War on Guns , Lott offers the most thorough debunking yet of the so-called “facts,” “data,” and “arguments” of anti-gun advocates, exposing how they have repeatedly twisted or ignored the real evidence, the evidence that of course refutes them on every point.

In The War on Guns , you’ll learn:

  • Why gun licenses and background checks don’t stop crime
  • How “gun-free” zones actually attract mass shooters
  • Why Stand Your Ground laws are some of the best crime deterrents we have
  • Women now hold over a quarter of concealed handgun permits
  • How big-money liberal foundations and the federal government are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into “public health” studies, the sole purpose of which is to manufacture false data against guns
  • How media bias and ignorance skew the gun debate—and why it will get worse
  • From 1950-2010, not a single mass public shooting occurred in an area where general civilians are allowed to carry guns"

I have only just started reading Ayoobs books , his stuff is pretty good but he tries to scare gun owners a little too much which, in my opinion, is counter productive towards helping people develop the right mindset. I still recomend his books though, great info on statistics that you wont find anywhere else.

From the book:

"the armed citizens’ rules of engagement.

  • Understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding use of lethal force by private citizens.
  • Learn about the social and psychological issues surrounding use of lethal force in defense of self or others.
  • Preparation and mitigation–steps the responsible armed citizen can/should take."

From the book:

"Key legal principles are illustrated with interesting, sometimes heart-wrenching, true life examples of people defending themselves, and how their decisions helped, hurt, or even destroyed their case. This thoroughly updated third edition includes an all new chapter on interacting with the police, including what to say (or not say!) to 911, first responders, and detectives. Don’t be a victim. Stay safe from both the physical attack and the legal aftermath. "


My buddy actually gave me my copies of these books, he told me they were required reading in the military and should be read by anyone carrying a gun for self defense.

From/on the books:

" On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society is a book by Dave Grossman exploring the psychology of the act of killing, and the military and law enforcement establishments’ attempt to understand and deal with the consequences of killing."

“On Combat looks at what happens to the human body under the stresses of deadly battle the impact on the nervous system, heart, breathing, visual and auditory perception, memory - then discusses new research findings as to what measures warriors can take to prevent such debilitations so they can stay in the fight, survive, and win.”


I have a hard time explaining this one to people but its by far one of the most enjoyable to read. Its almost like sitting down with an old timer an listening to him tell stories from his life.

From the book:

“Combat mind-set, proper sighting, tactical residential architecture, nuclear war - these are some of the many subjects explored by Jeff Cooper in this illustrated anthology. The author discusses various arms, fighting skills and the importance of knowing how to defend oneself, and one’s honor, in our rapidly changing world.”


We really like this book from Jonathon Gilliam. It really opened our eyes to how horrible our situational awareness really was.


Ones I can personally recommend, having read them and found them worthwhile.

Ayoob, Massad. Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense.

—. In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection.

—. Straight Talk on Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know.

—. Stressfire.

Bird, Chris. Thank God I Had a Gun: True Accounts of Self-Defense.

Branca, Andrew F. The Law of Self Defense: The Indispensable Guide for the Armed Citizen. 3rd. ed.

Campbell, Robert K. The Gun Digest Book of Personal Protection and Home Defense.

Farnam, John S. The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning. 2nd ed.

—. The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting.

Hulsey, Eddie B. Defensive Handgun for the Armed Citizen.

Johnson, Brian. Crucial Elements of Police Firearms Training: Refine Your Firearms Skills, Training and Effectiveness.

Kenik, David. Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense. (I highly recommend this one.)

Klein, Chuck. Instinct Combat Shooting: Defensive Handgunning for Police.

Lamb, Kyle E. Green Eyes and Black Rifles: Warrior’s Guide to the Combat Carbine.

Lawrence, Erik and Mike Pannone. Tactical Pistol Shooting: Your Guide to Tactics that Work.

McCann, Kelly. Combatives for Street Survival.

Miller, Rory. Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected.

Morris, David. Tactical Firearms Training Secrets.

Mroz, Ralph. Tactical Defensive Training for Real-Life Encounters: Practical Self-Preservation for Law Enforcement.

Nance, Richard. gunFIGHT!: An Integrated Approach to Shooting and Fighting in Close Quarters.

Rehberg, Glenn. Defensive Handgunning: A Treatise on Handgun Carry and Use.

Rementer, Stephen R. and Bruce N. Eimer. Essential Guide to Handguns: Firearm Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection.

Spaulding, Dave. Handgun Combatives.

Stanford, Andy. Surgical Speed Shooting: How to Achieve High-Speed Marksmanship in a Gunfight.

Suarez, Gabriel and Gabe. Tactical Pistol Marksmanship: How to Improve Your Combat Shooting Skills.

Suarez, Gabriel. Tactical Rifle: The Precision Tool for Urban Police Operations.

Suarez, Gabriel. Tactical Shotgun: The Best Techniques and Tactics for Employing the Shotgun in Personal Combat.

Van Horne, Patrick and Jason A. Riley. Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life.


This is the textbook on gunfighting. In this book former Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales goes over the use of Handguns (he prefers Glocks and 1911s) and the use of Carbines (he prefers AR15s) but nothing is really specific. Besides saftey, Marksmanship, gunhandling , basic drills and training he also goes over concealed carry and proper mindset. This is a text heavy book with very little pics, at $45 it is spendy but its 320 pgs with no wasted space. There is also a kindle version for about half the price.

From the book:

“Jeff Gonzales takes you step by step through developing the combat fighting skills necessary to work in a variety of environments. Utilizing his 12 years as a US Navy SEAL with experiences as a combat operator and instructor he outlines strategies that develop the combat fighting skills necessary to work in any environment. Combative Fundamentals is mandatory reading for the Fighting Man, written by someone who has been there.”


The bible of developing a training routine. It might appear to be geared for self defense but the principles of developing a routine can be applied to competitive shooting too (or he has a sport shooting version). There are also dvds you can buy that show you the drills being ran.

From the book:
“THIS STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE INCLUDES: • Carry Gun Selection and Modification • Legal Considerations (written by Marty Hayes) • Mental Preparation • Physical Preparation • Firearm Skills Development • Alternate Methods of Training • The Training Design Cycle • High Performance Handgun Marksmanship and Manipulation Techniques • Close Quarters Techniques • Low Light Techniques • And much more!”


The rifle version of the book I talked about above.

From the book:

“STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE INCLUDES: • Rifle Selection and Modification (including caliber and rifle length consideration guest chapters written by key experts) • Mental Preparation • Physical Preparation • Firearm Skills Development • Alternate Methods of Training • The Training Design Cycle • High Performance Rifle Marksmanship and Manipulation Techniques • Rifle Retention Techniques • Close Quarters Techniques • Low Light Techniques • And much more!”


Just started reading this, I have not got far enough to really develop an opinion though but so far it seems pretty technical and is covering a interesting topic.


This is book is pretty much the zen of shooting. It goes over the mindset of shooting. Geared towards competitive shooting but still a good read.

From the book:

" Through Brian’s advice, you’ll learn how to recognize and break down the barriers that are limiting your performance-you may begin to look at shooting in an entirely different way. You’ll learn to pressure-proof your match performance, how different types of shooting require different focal points, and you’ll see how to develop an attitude that will let you reach beyond what you thought was your potential. You’ll find a comprehensive set of exercises that will develop and sharpen your skills. You’ll see how it’s possible to drive the gun to wherever your eye can look. You’ll discover that everything you need to know about your technique is told by the gun, if you know how to listen to it. And all the challenges and advanced techniques of practical shooting are covered too: prone, barricade, single-hand shooting, multiple targets, reloading, shooting on the move, and much more. You’ll also get inside tips on IPSC strategies, steel shooting, shootoff tactics, Bianchi, and more. This book will give you all the fundamentals of practical pistol shooting"


Awesome thread. I love it. Thank you @Caw for doing this!


Any good book suggestions? I need a new one. I’m interested in guns and survival for sure but I’m mostly into non fiction. Economics, quantum theory, computing, biography’s, invention histories, wars, mostly nerd stuff. Any ideas?




I cant red narn


Just found one. Permanent record, by Edward Snowden