bookworm looking for food.

Im looking for books to read, and would like a top 10 list from people it can be anything
looking mainly at garden books and how to but fiction and non fiction entertainment books are welcome.


I enjoyed Asimov’s Foundation series (sci-fi). In non-fiction, I highly recommend Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and after that Miyamoto Musashi’s A Book of Five Rings. I’m somewhat curious about Plato’s The Republic.

If you are into mysticism, I recommend the second section of the Alter Rebbe’s Tanya, called “The Gate of Unity and Faith,” or “Shaar HaYichud Veha’Emunah,” whether you are Jewish or not. Like other ancient works, it’s available free online.

For reference I keep Elias and Dykeman’s Edible Wild Plants, as well as Peterson’s book with the same title.

I also highly recommend Andrew Branca’s The Law of Self Defense. It covers all states in the US, and is not specific to firearms.


For fiction anything by John Sanford or Michael Connley.


Blacks Law 6th I’ve worn out
Noah Websters 1828 as well

supposing those aren’t what you meant I thought this was informative, not well written per’se but good info


Medieval instruction manual on torturing witches

Not really top 10 just a random few , all good if you’re a history buff


wow, those all sound interesting… :thinking:


The Hammer of Witches is rather…cruel considering how many people died from this stuff. Some even Christians with more unorthodox practices that the church deemed “evil”. Theres another book I was leafing threw that talked about the vican hunting heretics and torturing them…thats heretics as in fellow Christians with differing beliefs.


Lee Child’s books w/Jack Reacher. Brad Thor’s books are good. Six Guns by Elmer Keith. No Second Place Winner by Bill Jordan, early border patrol history.


One thing I was dumbfounded going from Protestantism to the Catholic faith was being told it is the same God

Now, how do you contest that?


It confuses me quite a bit. The reformation from what I get out of it was the single most destructive event to christiandom. It divided and killed so many people over only trivial differences in beliefs.

I almost opened a can of worms saying this to some Catholics

“Protestants and Catholics are nothing more than feuding brothers unable to set aside thier differences. Despite the wars and evil acts there is still a connection there that hopefully someday (before its too late) we can get back too. Your enemy is not your brothers family.”


I just ordered thisécy-Liverpool-Historical-Casebooks/dp/1781382700/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&redirect=true&linkCode=sl1&tag=medievalistsn-20&linkId=8ef4016da6dcf7fd40b3642270916b91

"Fame leads Colins to a place in which any scrap of heraldry that could be gathered from the battlefield has been piled together so that the identities of the slain can be discovered. As Livingston mentions in his notes in The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook, there was indeed a tent used for such a purpose at Crécy, and Colins describes the ruined remains piled high:

There I saw cast in the middle of the floor
Many a ragged standard
And many a defouled coat,
And many a shield so shattered and so scratched
That no color nor hue appeared upon them (ll.424-428)

He recognizes many of the coats of arms, and dutifully describes the heroics of the fallen knights, listing them name by name. But, as Livingston suggested, mourning those he recognizes is not nearly as difficult for Colins as being unable to recognize other coats of arms:

Ah, Lord! I was so anguished
That I was seeing so many insignia there
And none that I could recognize,
Whether it were a little pennant or a standard,
A shield, a surcoat, or a pommel ornament:
All were dismantled and all were broken. (ll.468-473)

As Livingston noted in his talk at the ICMS, the fact that people were forced to make identifications of the dead by something so small as a heraldic sword pommel speaks to the fierceness of the fighting at Crécy, and the desperation of the heralds to collect the names of the fallen so that their souls could be prayed for. Fame does not know all the names of the fallen, so he suggests that Colins speak to two heralds who were there and had likewise suffered on the battlefield"


Yeah, and how about today?


Well Christians are in a bad state right now, no arguement. There are more not just atheists but literal anti-Christians than ever before.


Not for long


Just picked this up, no idea when I will crack it open though. Seems like a neat piece of history though

The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest

Amazon review

"This book is a beautiful witness of the life and sacrifice of a priest who risked his life to serve Catholics in Elizabethan England. It shows not only what Fr. Gerard endured to bring the sacraments to persecuted Catholics, but also what those Catholics suffered to keep the Faith when it would have been convenient to cave in to Queen Elizabeth’s demands that everyone attend services of the Church of England.
However, it is not a novel, so it doesn’t read like one. It is, in fact, difficult to read. It is also well worth it, especially for those studying the Catholic Church of Elizabethan England or any place or time that the Church has been under persecution. "