Boomstick tactical vids!


Congrats @BoomstickTactical! His channel is now up on our video side! Please go subscribe to his channel & all the channels there!


Here’s the URL:


Congrats @BoomstickTactical and see here to pretty up the link


Thanks. I’m still learning my way around.


Welcome to Full30! Great to have you.

Signed: the guy that doesnt know how to shoot shotguns.


Thanks. The trick to shooting shotguns is holding on real tight.




My shoulder was fine… my face got a bit tender. Later I watched a video where they said I was supposed to “cheek it”. I was shooting clays thrown forward for the most part, so the shotgun was always raised up when firing. That could be why I started to feel it in my face. Dont know how to hold it properly. No bruises, just tenderness. That was after 60 clays too. But I started feeling it after about 30.


Learning curve, lol