Boresighter, do you think it really works when shooting?


Just come back! Out of stock before. Hot item:fire::fire::fire:

MidTen Bore Sight CAL Red Dot Laser Boresighter 223 5.56mm Rem Gauge with Six Batteries


Looks really cool and hold a little heavily. Do you think it really works when shooting? And will you use this boresighter?

If you’re interested in this boresighter, share a gift for you!:grin:
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(works at 04/25/2018 8:00 AM PDT to 07/31/201811:59 PM PDT)


I have one that’s close to that. In bright sun, I couldn’t see it much past 30 feet. They’re good for sighting in while indoors with low light. After that, not much use.


This is what I’ve always heard from people which is why I haven’t bothered to get one. I would love to find one I could use outdoors so I can zero in @ 100yds.


Green lasers seem to be a far better choice for outdoors. Red is hard to see.


You also need to be really careful with those. Don’t let the bolt slam shut or you can damage or kill it. I have a magnetic one that I like much better. It sticks to the end of the barrel so it’s usable on most calibers. Only time I use the in the breach style is when the brake is non magnetic.


I’ve been using the Laserlyte boresighter for years. Goes in the muzzle and has multiple bushings for different calibers. It gets me on paper every time. Like any red laser, it’s hard to see in broad daylight, so I usually use it in my garage, or across the back yard at dusk.
Works for rifles, and most pistols with a longer barrel.


With a bolt gun I just pull the bolt and sight thru the barrel at 25 yards and am on paper at 100.Simi autos I sand bag at 25 and sight down the side of the gun it gets me close and I can adjust from there.


It is a good item for sale. We used to sell a lot of these laserstyle boresighters while I was working in a gun store.


There is no green sight boresighter. Green dot sight needs huge power and big battery can hold green light. Boresighter is small and there is no such a small battery that can match the boresighter


Sorry if my spelling is off… no auto correct on mobil and I have sausage fingers. In my oppinion bore sighters are better used AFTER sight in. Let me explain.

I have had great sucess bore sighting by setting up an official 100 meter small bore target at 50 meters. Remove the bolt or seperate the upper and remove the bolt assembly. Look through the bore and get on target. The just adjust the acope till you are on target. Fire 1 shot. Measure and adjust. Fire 1 shot at 100. Measure and adjust. Should be dead center.

Here is where the bore sight tool comes in
Setup a target in your house or yard after sight in. Aim dead center of the target. The red dot will usually be off center. Thats ok. Mark where the dot is with a pen for the rifle you are using and file the target. Now when you remove the scope or if you are a hunter and need to check zero, you need only to setup the target and make sure the reticle is dead center and the dot is where you marked the target. You can do this best by zeroing for 50 100 200 and 300 and marking the same target. That way you can adjust ypur scope before going to the range or verify what range the scope is set to.

Its a bit odd to explain…especially after getting 3 hrs of sleep then spending all day at a wedding with an open bar, but hope it makes sense! :wink:


Boresighters will save you 20 rounds or so. Or maybe less if you eyeball-bore sight well.

But you still need to shoot ammo to sight in properly.


"Boresighter, do you think it really works when shooting?

Purty sure it should be removed before shooting.
Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
Don’t mind me, please continue.


I use an external type for shooting (dry fire) both in rifle (unsupported) and pistol to become more steady and eliminate flinching especially on a DA/SA for that first trigger pull.


I do have bore laser sight, however I don’t always use it. Usually I can sight my rifle in with approximately 3 shots using a good ammo and a stable rifle bench rest.

  1. shoot @ 100 yard target aiming @ bullseye. Dial the scope to that shot hit.

  2. shoot @ the bullseye again. Dial in further if need be on that hit.

  3. shoot @ the bullseye again. Should be on the money.


Any gun where you can see down the barrel is easy to sight in.
Just pick a spot to view through the barrel and then adjust the sight to the same spot.
Bolt action rifles, Most black rifles, even lever actions with the bolt removed can be sighted like that.


I’ve have this one. Works great. Saves ammo. Goes on sale at Bass Pro maybe 2x a year


they are good to confirm windage even in basement and with a little bit of math elevation and then all you have to do is go to the range and confirm at distance.
plus a good tool for use with dry firing a psitol (again in doors).
Oh and it drives the cats crazy…


He is a big difference between the younger folk and us old geasers.

You all are into buying, we all are into making. I do not know how much that gizmo costs, but I am about to skool you on how to bore sight for about a quarter.
Here are what you need. If you are a home owner u already have this stuff.
A step ladder, a pillow, a wall and a target (your 25 cent to have one copied at kinkcos.

I use my garage door so i can do it inside, but any wall will do.
Paste your target at 5 feet on onto the wall.
Back up 25 feet, and set up the ladder so that the rungs face your target.
depending on which type of firearm you are using, this step may very and some semi-autos you have to use a mirror to see down the chamber.
Lets pretend its a scoped bolt gun or scoped AR. Since you can remove the bolt and see down the barrel.
Set you pillow on two of the rungs latterly so that it is facing your target.
Next stuff your firearm on top of the pillow facing the target.
With your good eye, sight thru the chamber and line up the center of the bore with the center of the target. coloring the center one inch helps see it, dont forget to give the kid back their crayon.
Now that you are all set up, raise your head sight thought the scope and crank on the adjusters until your crosshairs are dead center left and right, and 1/4 to 1/2 in above dead center.
Take your rifle out to the range and you will find you are zeroed at 25 yards, and will have to adjust for vertical shot placement.
Dang you learned something today.


I have been doing that for years


Dangnabit, I’m going to have to upgrade my target. I electrical taped it side ways in 1999.
Its old and brown. Someone gave me Bin Laden targets a few years later.
Maybe Ill put one up.