Boresnake vs Otis Ripcord


The bore snakes are great I’ve been using them for a long time. I got my first Otis Ripcord and I got to say it’s pretty awesome it brings a feature set that the boresnake does not offer, the ability to add different cleaning tools to the Ripcord is a big Plus! Is anybody else using the Otis ripcord I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions?


yeeash, I feel bad, I didn’t know there were brands…


@Robert, I was so impressed with the Otis Ripcord I wanted to share it with the Forum it really is a great cleaning tool.


I have one, looks like the one on the lower right, what brad would you figure that is?


@Robert, Hoppe’s boresnake.


I prefer the boresnake. I gave the otis away. It wasnt bad but im just use to the boresnake.


I use them regularly after every outing with my guns. Very convenient vs. older cleaning kits.

My makeshift cleaning & maintenance go bag. I have a decent cleaning kit when I feel the need for serious break-down cleaning…


@Wildlife, the ability to add a tool to the Ripcord to help dislodge obstructions is a really nice feature to have, that’s the the main difference distinction between the two products.



I have a bore snake for my 9mm, it works well, but I still find myself reaching for the rod most of the time


hahha, wait, which one? Yes, I was young.


@Tactical_Reviews, sometimes it’s not always convenient and you need something portable when you’re out in the field or at the range.


Youre still young ,TR.


I’ll go ahead and get me one for the gun I’m currently working on. Once finished with it, I’ll need to sight it in & test some new ammo for it. I’ll give the “Ripcord” a whirl then and let you know what I think. Appreciate it, thanks!.


@Wildlife, I’m confident you’re going to like it quite a bit, the fact that you can add all your other rods and brushes to it makes it stand out from the competition.


When I go deer hunting I carry an MTM Case-Guard wallet with 9 rounds (plus four in the magazine) and it has just enough room for a Boresnake.

The multiple cleaning heads is a good idea . . . but I have a couple one-piece cleaning rods for home use and the Boresnake is just for “casual” cleaning in the field or camp.


@Stumpkiller, I’m not familiar with the MTM case Gard is it a means of carrying extra ammunition

if you have time I’d be interested in taking a look at the MTM product you’re talking about.


Sure. Not as attractive as the leather case but it slips nicely in a coat pocket.


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Got 2 don’t use either.


I have both bore snake and rip cord use at the range. Both work well.