Boulder Residents Given Days To 'Certify' Rifles Or Face Consequences



le sigh


That reminds me.

I need to go certify my next blog post with the government so they know how I’m exercising my free speech so they can deny me if they don’t like what I say.


CA cancer is metastasizing


It’s the BLUEbonic plague


That’s no joke brother. This is something I’ve been preaching forever… We in Texas are so screwed followed by AZ.

I just noticed on that list the most heavily blue states are among the lowest of the destinations of these CA transplants.


Stay on your toes. Vote, teach kids gun safety, read proposed bills and attend hearings. Let them know you are not interested in losing or restricting your rights.

It is not too late for you to start pushing back. Nor is it too early. Especially around those colleges and universities. Those are the tumors.

Get the state ready for me to move there in a few years when I feel like I cant do CA anymore. I will be able to tell you where every single piece of anti-gun legislation will lead. Short-term - increase in crime, mid-term - increase in taxation, and long-term - socialism.


This is a great message. Everyone in any of those states where CA invade should read it.

My wife and I are moving to ID a couple/few years after the baby is born to start our new business and set down roots. If you do decide to move to Texas brother stick around; Amarillo, Denton, Sherman, Kerrville or San Augustine to name a few. You’ll be more around like-minded people in those locations. Word of advice though, AVOID anything along I35, I45 and or within 100 miles of Houston or El Paso. If you want mountains you have slim pickens but Alpine/Fort Davis are your only options that don’t involve being around the border in west Texas or up near NM which is blue.

I’d be happy to answer any Texas related questions without BS and without a filter so you know what to expect. :cowboy_hat_face:



So, DFW is to be avoided?

That’s too bad! I miss it!


I am also looking at Idaho. Basically my wife and I are going to sit down next year and make a list of candidate states based on criteria we can research online.

Then we will visit those states multiple times - summer, winter, and around bad weather conditions. Look at it as a test drive.

I will also make sure to visit a sheriff’s office or a police station just to see the attitude.

And do a bunch more checking out while there.

Then we will settle on a couple of finalists and start preparing for the move.


My wife and I are looking at Kentucky as a place to retire.


I think thats the problem, the “STATE” and I doubt a good one exists, best to work on the STATE of mind.


When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. F^ck those tinpot politicians and their blatantly unconstitutional laws. When the government starts quartering troops in people’s homes, there will be sheeple morons who quietly wash the sheets and fluff up the pillows. I say give the members of the city council AND the folks who reported their 85 firearms a “ride” to the city limits with advice to not come back. EVER.


So are we! We should all move to the same area - have a community of like minded folks to resist any further erosion of our rights. Idaho County looks nice.


Let’s do it!!!


Folks, there are a number of scary scenarios being tossed around by politicians, real or imagined, that are clueless about losing important parts of our lives, like Rights. One need not become a writhing riot, but we do need all of our participation in good judgement and sound government. It is too risky to ignore.:thinking:


The article says, “It seems no official records are being kept and police only have a handwritten count of how many of these “certifications” are being done.”

I call bull$hit on that. This is a registration effort and police ARE keeping records. No police department would waste their time certifying anything without documentation.


I’ve been thinking about Kentucky or Tennessee for retirement as well. I love my home state of Michigan, but winter is too long here.


Same here in Wisconsin


If you decide to look a little farther east of Idaho let me know. You have a friend in Montana.