Boutique/Wildcat Bullets


When a Marine makes a suggestion,

You snap to it!

With all the wildcat calibers, do you have a favorite, do you shoot or want to shoot any of them?

  1. Super, a necked down 45acp with a .40 bullet


I was looking through my berger book and there are some nice ones in there. They look good on paper… then you get to the barrel life section… And some of them people shoot out just trying to get a good load. I personally liked the idea of the 22-243 middlestead… until, again, barrel life. :frowning:


I have two .460 Rowlands… NO WAY would I put them on anything but a very strong steel frame.


Does 300wsm count? 3300FPS with a 150gr projectile!



, with 2 you must find them pretty fun to shoot…


I’m not sure fun is the right word. It is nice to have that much power in that package though.


Does .50 BMG count? 619 grain armor-piercing incendiary tracer MK-2 going 3100FPS.


22-250 50gr 4050 FPS.


.375 H&H Magnum, 270gr going 2700 FPS.


Sharps 45-110 Black powder cartridge 500gr going 1400FPS


7.7x58 180gr going 2440FPS. I had to make it out of 30-06 brass.