Bovine Tb in deer

Just an FYI for you hunters. Eating is Okay but be careful dressing them.


Good info. Thank you!


thx for the info, EQuinn.

the link you provided takes us to a site that talks about it and has the following comment:

Frequently asked questions:

Is bovine Tb transmissible to humans?
Yes, bovine Tb is transmissible to humans but bovine Tb accounts for <2% of tuberculosis cases in the United States. Most cases of bovine Tb in humans are caused by consuming unpasteurized dairy products and the likelihood of contracting bovine Tb from a wild deer is minuscule. There has been only one confirmed case of transmission of bovine Tb to a human from an infected white-tailed deer. In that case, bovine Tb was thought to be transmitted via bodily fluids from the infected deer contacting an open wound on the person during the field dressing process.

Yeah, that’s why I said to be careful dressing the deer.