#BraceYourself campaign

Hey everyone, Mac has inspired me (and a couple other people apparently) to start work on a new hash tag social media campaign: #BraceYourself.

Supporting it is easy: simply post a video or pic of yourself bracing your arm brace-equipped pistol against a body part other than your cheek or arm, and if you see someone doing the same, like and share that media.

The purpose here is threefold:
1- Draw attention to the silly “redesign” language of the ATF’s decision
2-Challenge that decision outright and encourage the ATF to eliminate or change it.
3-Protest the wildly impractical NFA.

Thanks for your attention, and thanks in advance for your support.

(PS: Please note that Full30 is the first place I’m posting about this, so I’m really counting on you guys and gals to help!)


Not exactly what you wanna do. As a matter of fact it was the hordes of phone calls and letters to the ATF that brought the re defining… so yea. Let’s rub it in their face more… No thanks. How about get your brace. Don’t antagonize. Keep your mouth shut and enjoy before they just outlaw them because people are being idiots… just my 2 cents

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I honestly could not disagree more. If voices aren’t heard, nothing will ever change. There is a right and wrong way of doing things and this in no way provokes anything. It literally just illustrates how silly the law is IMO.


Cool, Kroh. Did you e-mail Mac the same thing?

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I don’t think starting a campaign to prove a point was the intent of Tim’s video… and honestly the whole arm brace thing as earlier stated was the consumers own fault. Noone left the ATF original decision alone and the barrage of people questioning the ATF on it forced their hand…

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