Branch Representation


So, who do we have representing the world’s finest fighting forces here?

  • Army (Hooah)
  • Navy (Hooyah)
  • Marine Corps (Oorah)
  • Air Force (Desk jockies)
  • Puddle Pirates (Coast Guard)
  • Non-US Military

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We can do one for Police/Fire/EMS as well if there’s interest.


I voted as a veteran. Is this only for active duty?


Veteran and active!


I wish I had been a desk jockey. I worked my ass of while I was in the Air Force. Lots of crappy deployments.


When I got out of school Jimmy Carter was President so there was no way I would serve under him.


I was at The Ohio State University when the war started. George W. Bush was president. I immediately withdrew from the university and enlisted.


USAF 84-90 {SAC} 341st - CE Powerline Specialist
High Security Clearance
4yrs, active - 2yrs. reserves
Deployments Teams - ‘Red Horse’ & ‘Prime Beef’
Last Mission - ‘Desert Eagle’


No love for contractors?


Marine here S/F and thanks Gentlemen to all who served or are serving.


Not active, but I spent 6 years as the wife of an Navy enlisted man. Had my second daughter entirely alone, no husband or family around since we’d been relocated and he was at sea. It’s hard holding down the fort too.


Look at that clean face. Back in my day we used to grow mustaches.


In case anyone is wondering how that deployment went…


Back then, I couldn’t grow a real mustaches :laughing: Definitely was a late bloomer went it came to facial hair.

Nowadays, I put the razor away this time of year and let the beard & mustache grow wild for the winter.


From Ohio, Air Force Veteran, into guns… you’re alright in my book Sir!


thanks - backatchya!


kind of confused over the high number of Non-US Military, considering that I believe I am the only Non-US member and served in a non-US military ( just an assumption and may not totally reflect reality).


srdiver LEO, and First Responders?


than wouldn’t that be US non-military?


@srdiver What branch? I can’t tell from the picture, plus I’m not as up to speed on my NATO allies as I should be.


well that picture was already 26 years old when the picture was taken and that would have been the time during the phase of tri-service, Land Element (so army).