Bravo Company Customer Service

I recently ordered a BCG from Bravo Company and the item was damaged by USPS during shipping. The box was a pancake and it appeared that it was run over by something very heavy…vehicle or forklift perhaps??? Whatever happened, the gas key was visibly damaged as a result. I received the package on a Saturday during non-business hours, so I was unable to contact Bravo Company at that time. However, I decided to send them an email explanation and photos in the meantime, then I was planning to call later on Monday after they opened. Before I was able to call on Monday morning, I received an email reply approximately 20 minutes after they opened for business. They immediately agreed to send a replacement and about 1 hour later, I received a shipping confirmation email for the new BCG. They also included a pre-paid shipping label to return the damaged item. I never had to speak with anyone or explain anything, and they didn’t require me to return the damaged item first. They just sent me a new BCG that same day, no questions asked. That, my freedom friends, is true customer service. They have earned my business.


That’s how a company builds a good reputation and respect and future business. I’ve had the same experience from a couple other companies and I always look at them first when buying. Ones that don’t care I never buy from them again and there are companies like that, hard to believe but there is.


Good customer services paired with a quality product is an excellent combo.


Thanks for sharing. They will get my business going forward.


That’s service. I’ve always enjoyed my bcm gear and the service when ordering!


BCM is the standard for mid length AR15s. There is “better” but BCM is pretty solid.


I like their quality control


Throughly enjoy BCM products…,the customer service is a great plus!