BREAKING: Democrats to Introduce Legislation Criminalizing Private Gun Sales



Damn man, they are really not wasting any time or holding anything back this time. I suspect they see a tidal shift towards the center/Libertarianism and or Conservatism so they need to get it all in while they can.

So does this mean you cannot inherit a firearm from a deceased relative? Or have grampa buy their grandchild their first .22 (giving it to them for free)?


Just a matter of how long.

Thank the demoncraps any way you can.


lol…there are Millions of guns that have changed hands through private sales and there is no way to stop it, no new law will stop it in 90% of the U.S…I don’t see it passing the Senate and it’s possible it won’t make it through the House…other gun bills have failed in the house in the last 10 years…either way it won’t stop private sales…


IMO How can any law stop me or you from buying family member a gun ? it can’t…how will the government know what you do with it after you buy it ? I have bought and sold more guns through private sales than I can count or ever remember…no way to control it…


This is an attack on the gun show “loophole” and no public entity has private authority without private consent,

so this is a maneuver



agreed that the actual transaction may be impossible to control. However, if they ever decide to have you swear upon penalty (of some serious kind), as to what guns you currently own (which would not include those you sold, but would include those you bought), they could reconcile the new inventory with other lists, perhaps having you inform them whenever you buy or sell a gun. Then, when your current inventory does not match what it should according to these other lists/records, you could be in big trouble.

So, do you want to risk the penalties that could come by non-compliance, or comply?

We may not (all) be there, yet, but it seems to be coming.

Also note, if the buyer lists the gun he/she bought from you, or worse, had to use the gun in an act of self defense, then they could determine you had not properly reported the sale, and get you that way.

My guess is that they will try for some kind of gun registration first so that they can get a good idea of what everyone has currently, then use transaction registers (via gun stores and perhaps requiring private sale updates) to determine the new distribution of guns. They might even have everyone swear upon penalty what they have every year.

Bottom line, they will figure out ways of either knowing what you have, or what you (according to past records), should have, and penalize you (fines, jail time, etc), whenever your old to new records don’t match what transactions you report.

Remember, government is about force - a select group of people forcing the people to do what they tell them to do. They have the power to fine you, jail you, kill you, whatever they want, just about. Never forget that as you go to the voting booth.


Tactical_Reviews, et al:

Why do so many people continue to assume that the Democrats care about crime control? They don’t! They simply use crimes to justify their push for gun (and gun owner) control. The day will never come where the Dems choose arming the public instead of disarming the public, to reduce crime.

Time to wake up everyone! This reality has been staring at us for a long time, now, and just get worse over time.


I have never done a bill of sale on a private sale…current Law does not require it so anything prior to this law being passed if it is, does not count…they can’t retroact a law like this one…if they could they would have to jail probably a million or more people which is not going to happen…there is no one who knows the number of guns in America, the number of private sales or even how to make a count…



They don’t and won’t care about prior sales - only ones going forward (after their bill is signed into law).

This is where the gun registration comes into play. Oh, it may not be there day one, but it will come. And, for any guns you buy/sell in the interim, they may find a way to have you swear upon penalty exactly which guns you have bought recently, and where from.

Trust me, they will find a way (perhaps far more elaborate than what I have described), to manage the process according to their will and their laws. You just need to figure out for yourself how you plan on dealing with it.


Oh contraire!
They can go backward!
All we have to do is look at bump stocks. Purchased legally, 100% legal to own. Now? TURN THEM IN OR ELSE! REGISTER THEM OR ELSE!!
100% agree that it is a slippery slope.



Thanks for the correction.

My comments only applied to guns that don’t have (current) “issues”. Of course, those without issues will (slowly?) decrease over time. So, yes, rjburk, et al, please consider RogueGunnWorks’ comments, too.


In my preparation on moving back to Washington state, I have closed my Class 1 FFL… now, previously I was told I have to stop business and keep my records for 20 years. Now? Gather everything and turn it into the ATF…
The underlying rules change constantly.


I’m sorry to hear about the fire that destroyed all of your records. At least you weren’t harmed. :neutral_face:





lol…not the least bit worried about it…They did not stop 80% receivers( ghost guns )…no way they can make everyone register guns or bumpstocks, they do not have the money or the man power…too many employed people and tax dollars in the gun industry…there will be a lot of talk, posturing, shouting matches, debates and scare tactics…there will be a few states and cities that will make more gun laws and so far we know how effective those have been, look at Chicago, Detroit, CA, NY and so on…no one is coming for your guns…unless like I have posted before you do something stupid to make them come see you…



Just don’t get complacent. :wink:


I agree with both points. Registration is coming at some point in the future. However, they still have records for every gun purchase involving the NICS system. Just look at what happens after any high-profile shooting…the police are able to trace the gun within hours. That can only be achieved by accessing a database of some kind (NICS, state/local licensing, etc). In other words, if you bought it with a NICS background check, they know about it.


At least all my shotguns are untraceable. Especially the unserialized one from 1949 so I’ll never be completely unprotected against the buy guys if they decide to illegally confiscate my others.


I am hoping I just get to buy one of the TS-12 shotguns before everything is banned… :rofl: