Bren 2!!!!


The bren2 hear as promised!

Zeke Shoots here

When are they going to be available?


They are I thought I sent you a link?


Good price point, I cant wait to see some reviews.
Im really tempted but im buying up all the AR stuff I want while prices are low.


That is a good idea too. If I may, for a moment retort on a parable for you.
Question: are Russian people buying up AK47?
You are in America and your buying up AR-15.
I realize I of all people shouldn’t talk, but if you had bought a VEPR FM-11 let’s say in March of this year, the average you would have paid is $1,000.00. Now they are $1,500.00, and I have seen people buy them for up to $2,000.00!!!

Being in America it’s hard to say what’s going to happen here politically speaking, but it’s a fact that in the U.S. more AK47’s that have been banned now than AR-15’s . And now AK’s command a premium price!
Of course you should only buy low and sell high! That’s no argument at all Brother.


I live in A state where they are pushing for a gun ban, like seriously pushing with everything they have. And while a ban might not happen, you can bet these prices are not going to be this low forever. Most other guns are right around their regular prices but the AR15 market is flooded, its a buyers market. When prices go back up I would like to be squared away with the platform and then move on to something else. To me it makes the most sense to capitalize on the deals first.


That is a perfect reasonable logical conclusion and I can appreciate that view as well.


This is also one of the reasons I feel like buying half a dozen Anderson stripped lowers and some 80%ers too… I will refuse to give up my 2A rights and the tools needed to protect it and all of the other rights.