Bridgeport (BGI) Bullet Molds

I finally picked up a bullet mold that directly replicated Winchester’s original 44 WCF lead bullet. I have been watching out for an original Winchester mold but they are few and far between.

This Bridgeport mold is of the same design as Winchester cira 1882 4th model design but does NOT incorporate the raised driving band as the 4th as well as the Lyman designs.

The lead bullet drops at .424" @ 208gr. Looks exactly like Winchester’s 200gr lead bullet design.

Some more information:
Vintage Winchester 44 WCF Bullet Molds

Bridgeport 44 Winchester Bullet Mold

Left - Bridgeport 200gr (208gr)
Right - 430214A (215gr) Custom modified Lyman 427098.

John Kort’s bullet line-up. I added the BGI on the far left.

Left - Original pre-1884 Unheadstamped case
Right - Bridgeport cast bullet in Starline case


Pretty cool to see :+1: