Brightening your Bakelite!



You ever look at your Bakelite and think to yourself I remember it use to be more shiny?
Well believe it or not Bakelite, or polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride!!!
Can get “weathered” over time,and loose its sheen.
Here is the lower hand guard to my Polish Tantal.

Yikes! It sure looks dull after years of service! Okay let’s wash it with dish soap water and use an old toothbrush or plastic bristle brush. After washing and letting it dry. Apply some Flitz and rub in a circle.

After a few coats of flitz you can rig up a poor mans buffing wheel. Don’t forget to get some brown buffing compound.

Don’t ever do this.

Remember light pressure and re apply compound to wheel as necessary.

Remember to use light pressure and not to burn the surface.
Now let’s see what we have.

Yeah I think that looks better. You can also use plastic polish if you want. I’m just using what I already have.
Now we can reinstall back on the rifle. Let’s see the finished product.

Remember be safe and have fun!


don’t ever do what??? need to know in case I did that…


Great idea. I have some of that for my revolvers. I’ll have to give that a try.


Good catch srdiver. No clue why that picture didn’t make the journey. Fixed it now.


I hope it helps! My Bakelite is a bad example of Bakelite. I wish I had some good marbling like this.

Oh well. You gotta dare to Dream!


Terrific use of a readily accessible product, I am impressed.


Thank you Brother! it just looked sooooo bad. I had to do something about it.


Looks good. I was going to donup my Bulgarian set soon.


Looks awesome!


Thanks Brother! It needed it!


Nice! At first, i thought you swapped it out with a wood piece.


Good work, that is a very noticeable difference!