Bringing the Heat!


A pal of mine and I were talking about hot sauces. My friend can take the Heat the hotter the better! Me not so much the scorpion/ghost pepper sauce about putting me in the emergency room crazy hot, what are your favorite blazing hot :hot_pepper::hot_pepper: and or hot sauce?


:musical_score: Once bitten twice burned, baby :guitar:


Isabel street heat!!!

The chipotle is the best! And that’s also why I’m out.:cry:

I believe they are also on Amazon!


I never liked hot sauce until I tried Isabel street heat. Now it’s hard to kick the habit. Bank account is low, I miss a lot of work, my friends, and loved ones say I need help. I fly through T.P. And wet wipes!!!


@switchpod, I’m just starting to get into the hot stuff myself my wife can withstand anything the hotter the better!


A good Mexican martini. Cinco de Mayo stuff. But you know the only good olive is a drowned olive. Or so I’ve been told. Martini’s aren’t on my approved list.


Is this new? Like some kind of verbal articulation cop?

What did you write that triggered it?


it was never about the Hot… always about the Balance


@sergetoll, that looks Tasty👍 what’s the heat component what type of pepper?


thanks… I use my own Blend, based on chile ancho .


ancho is ripe poblano. shefs call it spicy raisin ancho
and yes, I do and like to cook :slight_smile:


did you have any offers? Do not ask, if you do not want an answer. …


So again I’ll take the role of @Robert 's neuron connection manager. Pretty sure the

Is a joke bent around bad Spanish. (I.e. “No problamo”). He means well.


If it’s store bought… Cholula. Great on eggs. However, I’m blessed with a lot of Mexican friends. Nothing better than home made salsa.



Frank’s on chicken and Cholula on anything else that needs peppering up is enough for me.


Ok! I put hot sauce on it all! Yes, I have used it in cereal, coffee, and even ice cream. I have cut back a bit because im guessing its not that good for me. From left to right (least to most hot): Moose has excellent sweet taste! Not hot (to me anyways) but really good to add into pasta or other sauces. The val. Is peppery. Some heat and great flavor. Good for eggs or other breakfast items. Habanero has good heat but kind of lacks flavor. Good to add into chili ir anything that has good seasoning but needs a punch. And… Butt pucker…guys… This, and the others, are brutal. It is worse than biting into a whole habanero pepper with seeds unless used in moderation. Its great to cook with but also good with nachos. Just clear your plans for the morning after.


Also, franks red hot is good. The extra hot is what I prefer. Great taste and ok heat!


@DOSE_OF_FREEDOM, I know that habanero sauce has got to be extremely hot, the butt pucker looks dangerous!


Ya… It would be unpleasant but it has such good taste! Its ok while you are eating it… not so much when you stop!