British Infantry Belt Kit: Review JayJays Gen 4 Web Gear


This looks like a really interesting setup, especially for a Run-n-Gun type 10K biathlon event. The event I did last year had us shoot prone and do a low belly crawl through a narrow, steel muddy culvert, and this belt looks like it would work well for something like that. I also like the pouch in the back that can fit a bladder.

I saw the stuff you had in the pouches, but still can’t figure out if the pouches are tall enough for a 30-round AR mag? It looks like one or two pouches would be sufficient for 5 or so handgun mags. The others I’d intend to use for a small first aid kit, extra foam plugs and eye pro, baby wipes, that sort of stuff. But given the round count at some of these biathlon events, I’d need to make sure it can fit about 5 30-round AR mags and 5 or 6 handgun mags.

Anyway, good video and thanks for sharing.


If a belt kit setup is something you want to try the 58 pattern is a versatile system and substantially cheaper to buy a lot of us used to get extra pouches from a company called silvermans in the mile end road in london as far as i know they post to the U.S. Belt kits can take some getting used to but it’s a very modular and operationally configurable way to carry the essentials as well as the odd luxury.


that’s funny - we use to trade our stuff (like combat boots) for the 58 pat. and DPM rain gear and mix it with our 64 pat. We also would mix and match our 51 pattern (glorified ww2 crap).