Broke my Leader Arms AR12... again

I’ve pretty much replaced everything in it with MKA 1919 parts. The locking block was the last part left.


Update on this… still haven’t got the new locking block. I ordered one from Tooth & Nail back in September. They sent it but it got lost in Dallas. Not real happy how T&N handled the situation. They ultimately started ignoring my emails and i had no choice but to file a dispute with my bank. Very frustrating! I ordered a piece of S7 tool steel and am going to get with some of my machinist friends and just make one. It’s not a complicated piece.


Yep, these some of these retailers can surely loose interest once the moneys in their bank


I don’t get that. Why lose a customer over a $70 package that you have insurance on? All they had to do was file a claim for lost package.